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Thread: NEW to the site!

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    Default NEW to the site!

    Hi there everyone,

    So this is the first time i've ever written in on any public forum,let alone about being a dl,but basically been following this stuff since i was about 7 , and figured its about time i talk to ppl bout it, cheers.

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    Welcome to the forums. You're not the first new member from Down Under so you won't be lonely.

    So, if this is your first time writing on a forum, is it your first time on the Internet? How old are you? Are you in school?

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    Hello and welcome from up top!!

    You also won't be lonely in the sense that there are LOADS of DLs here
    But particularly DLs and ABs/TBs who never let on to anyone about it, or felt they could talk about until joining ADISC... myself included in that!

    With regards to your intro, it is lacking slightly (no offence!).
    I appreciate it might be kind of nerving when you're obviously very new to this whole ordeal, but if you could tell us a bit more about who you are outside the diapers (as we all do tend to have lives outside diapers ) that would be grand.
    For example, what music/games/movies/sports, if any, you're into? What you hope to get out of joining us here? Things like that. For more help on expanding on your introduction, here's a quick example I wrote recently... just for the banter. There's also a cheat sheet link at the top of the intro board... but I'm sure you have a some ideas of what to write!!

    Anyway, great to have you with us. Happy posting!!


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    Hi 1derful,

    Welcome to ADISC!

    It's always fun to have more Aussies here! =)

    Wow, you've been into this since age 7, nice! I started at age 11 (more info on my blog page, in case you'd like to read about me sometime).

    Whats your favorite diaper so far?
    And would you recommend it as a good value?

    Enjoy your ADISC experience, you'll meet lots of Aussies and many chill people from all over the world.
    (warning, we have a ton of Americans on this site! LOL)

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