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Thread: Spending the day in nappies :)

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    Default Spending the day in nappies :)

    I've just spent the whole day working from home, so I thought I would wear a nappy... Has anyone else done this???? Its amazing should have defo done it before

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    Well you could say that it eliminates one potential distraction if you have any long projects to complete...

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    I did that very same thing yesterday. I used Tena Men's instead of my normal Abena Abriform M-3. I sat in my chair, took care of my work, and just let the pee and poo happen. I went through two diapers in about 6 hours. I love the feeling of a warm bulked up freshly pee'd in diaper. I also appreciate the feel as the poo works itself out and forces iteslf in between my butt cheeks and into the seat of the diaper. I would occassionally get up and walk around the house just to enjoy the feeling of an appropriately used diaper.

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    I love spending an entire day padded, it is possibly one of the most relaxing things I can ever do. It's enjoyable just to sit back, relax, play some video games, watch movies, chat online, and feel 100% comfortable. Of course that's quite hard to do on weekdays since I have to go to university, and even more difficult for people that have to work ;P.

    It's even more enjoyable if you are in premium diapers that can possibly last the entire day depending on your 'output' (Hmm, that sounds creepy). At least that way you don't have to change very often ;P.

    I think most people like spending an entire day padded, but definitely not all. But yeah! I agree, it is quite amazing

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    I have had many a good day working in a diaper/nappy. Makes for a great day!

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    I often have the opportunity to wear all day while working from home. Usually it improves my
    Mood enough that I'm a lot more productive. Sometimes it's a distraction, particularly if I
    I have a large movement and can't resist playing when I change it. Occasionally it will depress me (my mood swings frequently) even though, or maybe because I can't resist wearing. Mostly, though it's a big boost. Fun too. Go figure.

    Feed your beast; don't get eaten by it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGuyYouDontKnow View Post
    Well you could say that it eliminates one potential distraction
    And adds another distraction

    100th post!!!!!

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    I would definitely want to try it sometime, it'll be exciting and adventurous.

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