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Thread: I'm Back (again)

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    Cool I'm Back (again)

    I feel like a world traveler that's come home after a very long trip. I'm tired, but so much happier than I've been in a long time. I hope everyone is as content and free as I am in this moment. 2012 is a magical year.

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    Welcome Back!

    Wow, you joined back in January 2008, happy 4th anniversary!

    Just curious, how did you find out about ADISC back then?

    (A friend of mine from Canada told me mid-2008 that I needed to join ADISC)

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    Hmm. I don't really remember, just searching around until I found a site called tbdl I believe. I was mad when the name was changed to ADISC but I have a problem with change. Lol. I knew this place was special because the members were so well adjusted and friendly. The site looks much more modernized and improved, people are even better. Lots and lots of new faces, the abdl thing seems to have gotten bigger than ever. I'm ready to participate in the community and have fun.

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    Happy to have you back at ADISC!!

    BTW..I joined back in October 2008!
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    When I joined ADISC in the summer of 2008, it was called ADISC already!

    It's all good!


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    And tell me (if you don't mind sharing), where did you travel to?

    I love to travel, I'd love to see some of the other continents and what not!

    - Will

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