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Thread: What is the worst diaper leak you ever had? How do you avoid Diaper leaks?

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    Default What is the worst diaper leak you ever had? How do you avoid Diaper leaks?

    I'm curious about diaper leaks. It seems that whenever I wet more than once, no matter how many stuffers I out in I always leak. Tell me about your experiences with leaks. How bad was the worst one?

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    The other week I flooded my diaper and, thinking the diaper had absorbed it, started to walk into the kitchen. Little did I know, it was all pooling in the seat of my diaper, and when the gussets shifted, it poured -- not leaked, but poured -- down my leg, leaving a wet trail all along my pajamas and soaking my sock.

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    One time when I was 11, I was cast netting off of the dock in my marina with my grandfather and I was wearing a pretty wet Goodnite. That summer I think I wore Goodnites 24/7 for a month because I could get them so cheap from this one drug store and I had been working my buttocks off in the garden for extra allowance pay. It was about that time for another pee and out it came, completely spraying out of the leg holes and all over my shorts, my legs, my socks, and my shoes. I quickly just "accidentally" drenched my self in the sea water that was dripping from the cast net and it covered it all up.. I got away with that one.

    A few years later, I was going through a phase where I was wearing diapers at night and when no one was around, but then wore Tena pull ups around the clock under my clothes if I had to be around other people. Again, it was wet and I decided to go. While standing on the opposite side of the kitchen counter, I felt the pee not only run down my leg, but I heard it free fall and splatter on the ground. No one seemed to notice, so i panicked and left the room instantly. When I changed and came back, I saw that there was still pee on the ground. With a little help from Bounty and my dog taking the fall, I got away with that too.

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    My absolute wost leak was this past summer. I was traveling with my girlfriend for her six month follow up with the specialists who did the surgeries on her eyes in OKC a couple years ago (and yay, we have 2 more years of of the every six months appointments...) and I was wearing an Bambino Bianco (They fit me surprisingly well, and work better than my normal diapers for the 100+ miles trip. I was at that time having an unusually bad time with my incontinence and it wasn't pretty. We were about 20 minutes out from the doctor's office when I suddenly flooded the diaper which I had changed at the last gas station on the turnpike we were on. The diaper should have held, but I hadn't realized that I had wet during the brief period of time I was asleep between the gas station and when we hit the turpike exit and the PikePass beeped and woke me back up.

    The flooding overloaded the diaper to the point that leaked out from around the leg gathers, and (this surprised me a TON) the top of the diaper. It was not pretty. Luckily on long trips I always carry multiple changes of clothes and a full diaper bag with everything needed for emergency changes. It was bad enough I ended up just tossing the clothes I was wearing into the small trash bag with the diaper. There wasn't much hope of making it back home with them and salvaging them, and with my mold allergies, I wasn't comfortable taking the risk anyway.

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    Considering the only diapers I've had for the past 2-3 years have been goodnites, I leak fairly frequently and have almost altogether stopped wetting when I'm padded up. Too much clean-up work. I'm impatiently awaiting the day when I can order a decent diaper that takes a few wettings without leaking, but sadly I'm in a house with my 4 brothers and mom. Not risking them touching a package of something like that because I'm still very much in the closet and I can't find a good diaper at the store.

    The worst leak I've ever had wasn't that bad luckily. But my computer chair, pants, underwear, and socks were soaked.

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    One of my most embarrassing leaks occurred one time when I was delivering a speech to a group of over 100 people. The diaper leaked around the legs and produced wet streaks down the inside of both pants legs. Fortunately, I was wearing a fairly dark coloured pair of slacks, but I imagine at least a few people must have noticed.

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    My worst leak ever was probably about 2 ish years ago, I was in my room and wearing 2 diapers plus a stuffer, I was still dry so I thought I was good to go so as I'm peeing I begin to notice that I'm going for an exceedingly long time. When I get up my whole bed and part of my floor was completely soaked, if I remember correctly I ended up sleeping on my floor that night and taking my sheets and stuff off the next morning as well as secretly shampooing my carpet, I don't remember what I did for my mattress though...

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    My worst was trying a diaper i never used before. I had drank alot and had to go so I just let it out. well the diaper didnt absorb quick at all and so i soaked my underwear and my diaper and the floor. lucky for me it was a wood floor. I decided that the diaper sucked and didnt think it would matter even if i had let it go slowly. it was full and unsatisfying. I like abena diapers. I used the regular one and it lasted through 9 whole wettings! I am a vary heavy wetter so this was amazing. the air plus didnt last as long but still was awsome. just have to get the right diaper, you know?

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    i think mine was when i spent the night with my friend (who knows i wear) and i had already wet once and we were at the park and i totally thought it would hold my pee and as we walked to her house it flooded lmao

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    I was wearing a Sam's Club brief, which are pretty OK for wetting but I had a bout of diarrhea and I was out and let go in the diaper. It leaked badly down my leg (normally I have no problem chaining out) but ran home to get into shower after that one.

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