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    I recently had a successful surgery for a urethrastricture, where they told me my problem with urge incontinence would improve. While I do no longer have pain during urinating, I still have the urge like I used to have: whenever I feel the need to go, I have to go within a few minutes. I will see my urologist within a month for a follow-up of the surgery, but searched for a solution on the internet in mean time.
    One of the things I found is that you have to train the bladder muscles, so when you feel the urge, you need to postpone a toilet visit for at least 5-15 mins. I sometimes succeed whenever I can set my mind on something completely different, but find it very hard to do so. Who tried a similar training and can give me some hints? I just want to make some improvement, so I can see with the urologist on what to do next.

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    I haven't been there myself, but I wish there was something I could help you out on... But I do know, FYI the kegels and all that primarily help with stress incontinence. It will take time, the only thing I would suggest is to avoid spicy foods, caffeine, and bladder irritants in the meantime - to give yourself a fighting chance. Good Luck.

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    I wish you the best of luck dealing with your urge incontinence, something with which I've been living for the past fifty-plus years. There are several drugs that have been approved for treating the condition, and your urologist will likely try prescribing them. From what I've read, these drugs help many people and get rid of incontinence entirely for some. They haven't worked for me, but let's hope your condition is less refractory than mine.

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    I've been instucted to do bladder drills several times in my life, to no avail, so no help from here I'm afraid. Wishing you the best of luck, however I'm surprised you've been sent for surgery without ever having tried them first?

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    I went to the urologist for these complaints, but they discovered while doing a bladder pressure test 'something' was blocking the road. This had to be removed first, as he thought my bladder had to put more pressure while urinating and became more active (read: more muscles, less content) He is right so far, it does no longer hurt while peeing, but the urge still exists. I guess this will improve, so I want to try some harmless training first before I'm going to make a new appointment.

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    So it sounds like the surgery was fairly recent, and you will be seeing the urologist soon, so you might want to consider holding off on any exercises or other interventions until you have a chance to sit down with your urologist. Main reason to consider holding off is that depending on the procedure they did and the elapsed time you might want to avoid additional strain, and it is also possible that some of the symptoms will recover with time following the procedure. If you are concerned or the info you got pre-op suggested that the recovery would be quicker I would call the urologist and just ask. Just remember that unless you have had a chance to clear it with the urologist, it is hard to know if something is def. harmless.

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    The doctors solution is exercise and do Kegals all the time. Wish it would work for me and my OAB.

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    I went back to the urologist, explained that the surgery didn't solve the original complaints and he prescribed me Toviaz. It should help the bladder to relax after the efforts it had to go through the last years. The medicine is only active after two weeks, so keep you posted.

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