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Thread: My babyfur artwork

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    baby kiffer

    Default My babyfur artwork


    I've been posting my artwork in the teenbaby forum lately, but most of it is fur-oriented, so I've decided to post it here, instead. I'll update here, as I complete work.

    To this point, below is all the work I've done recently. I hope you all enjoy!

    My first digital work:

    Another digital work:

    Experimenting with the previous character:

    My first watercolor:

    My most recent watercolor:

    Please feel free to comment!
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    i like first one, not sure why but it seams really cool and the rest are good too, keep it up and u could have art work on display on muesems

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    pretty good, i think i will start to post my artwork too:baby-happy:

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    Keep it up, I see some promise here...

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    Love the digitals, are you using a Wiki pad or just sticking with the tried and True Mouse system?

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    keep it up. Its good to practice. Also think about getting a Deviant art or furaffinity account. Although on DA there are alot of close minded people...

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    Quite good! I definitely approve of them!

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