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Thread: Thoughts on Small Adult Dapers; Molicare, Abena, and Dry 24/7

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    Default Thoughts on Small Adult Dapers; Molicare, Abena, and Dry 24/7

    So I had been reading this thread that popped up while I was waiting for a package of small Dry 24/7 diapers to be delivered by the diaper fairy, and I was beginning to feel a little disheartened. I told everyone that I would do a comparison to let them know how the small Dry 24/7 compared to my regular diapers (Abena and Molicare).

    As those of you who use small diapers know, the fit, and performance of small diapers is quite a bit different than mediums. Most of us use the small diapers because, well, they fit us better, and they are meant for smaller people. I was hoping that despite some of the concerns of other users that the small Dry 24/7 diapers wouldn't be that bad or be at least comparable to the small X Plus and Super Plus from Molicare.

    Here are my thoughts and experience:

    To preface I must state that this experience is coming from someone who is 115 pounds and has a 25 inch waist.

    I have used small Abena X Plus and small Molicare Super Plus diapers for enjoyment, and to control infrequent bedwetting for years. They have been reliable, leak rarely, absorb a lot, and are soft and comfortable to wear. They fit me really well. There isn't much material left over that must be tucked in or hidden, the diaper doesn't go above my bellybutton or go much above the waistline of my pants. I thoroughly enjoy these diapers during the daytime, and am appreciative of them at night. The Abena absorbs more than the Molicare, but I enjoy the fit and feel of the Molicare more than the Abena.

    The Dry 24/7 experience: I was so excited when the diaper fairy drove up in their big brown truck and I got to sign for my first package of Dry 24/7. I was even excited despite the concerns that I had read in the other post. I opened the package after receiving it, and the first thing I noticed was the size of the diapers. For being "small" diapers, they were gargantuan. They were much wider and longer than the Abenas and the Molicares.

    I gave in, and tried one on immediately, and was spooked by the fit. They went halfway up my back, and about 2 inches past my bellybutton. The tapes didn't land where they were supposed to. Both the top and bottom tapes were landing on the padded section of the diaper. I would compare the fit to be a little bigger on me than medium depends maximum protection. I was disappointed. These diapers were supposed to fit between 21" and 31" waists. I don't know how anyone with a waist smaller than mine would even "fit" in these diapers, and I'm right in the middle of the size specs for this diaper. The back and crotch of the diaper wouldn't hug me like a diaper is supposed to, no matter how I taped it up. The diaper was sagging, and it wasn't even wet yet.

    Despite the fit issues, I can attest that the small Dry 24/7 does indeed absorb much more liquid than either the Abena or Molicare. I'm fairly sure that the diaper does indeed hold around 3 liters fully soaked and wicked. The diaper did bulk up incredibly when it was wet. I don't know if it is possible for anyone to be disappointed with the absorbancy capabilities of this diaper. After an evening and a wet night, the diaper held up well, but was sagging terribly, and there was not way to remedy the sagging. The diaper was already as high as it was going to go, and as tight as it was going to go on someone my size.

    Overall the small Dry 24/7 wasn't a terrible experience, but it isn't one that I'd care to repeat. The diaper does absorb incredibly well and better than anything else, but the fit is just way way way too big to even be considered a "small" diaper.

    I'll stick to my Abenas and my favorite purple diaper with stripes for the time being. I just need to figure out something to do with the other 17 24/7s. Maybe I'll save 'em for a rainy day, or just Ebay them. Meh, whatever...

    Let me know your thoughts if you are a connoisseur of small diapers, and have had experience with small Dry 24/7s.

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    Yeah, the small Dry 24/7s are huuge. I think I said in the other thread, their size is more comparable to a medium Abena than a small Abena. In turn, the medium Dry 24/7 is more comparable to a large Abena. I wear the medium Dry 24/7s even though they're big for me and go 1-2 inches above my belly button. The tapes land on the padded section of the diaper, but I wasn't aware that is incorrect; I think that when tapes fall only on the unpadded side panels it is a 'too small' fit, but it's personal preference. I like bigger diapers, they have more absorbent material. I am able to get a good fit if I take care to arrange all extra material flat. Then I pull the material around the legs tight and angle both bottom tapes upwards. Both top tapes are angled slightly downwards; they end up having only 1" between them before touching. I get a very tight initial fit; thankfully, the plastic is thick and strong enough to put up with a tight fit. It doesn't loosen up very much and doesn't really sag at first, though there is considerable bulk between the legs and it doesn't hug at the rear. But it does hug at the leg gathers and waist, which is where it counts.

    There is some sagging when completely wet, but it's really due to the ridiculous swelling and weight. The tapes hold up like champs, keeping the leg elastic tight. I don't have issues with leaks due to gapping, which is I think a major indicator of a 'too big' diaper. I consider them more of a nighttime or very long outing diaper, though, due to the hugeness. With these, onesies or a pair of snug plastic pants are good for preventing sagging. I've been considering trying the small Dry 24/7s again, just to have something that doesn't rise so high that it practically explodes out of the top of my pants >.<
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    I got an email from Gary at XP Medical about Dry 24/7 Size Small. His comparison with Abena and Molicare found 24/7's holding less, in Small. Thanks for your input on this.

    I wear a size larger than I really need. The "wings" from the front go all the way around to the padding in the back, and the tapes nearly touch in front. I like this fit; there's no chafing around my legs, and since I sleep on my side, having the "wings" meet the padding is an advantage, I think. Do you think you can fit into the smalls this way? When it comes to diapers and diaper padding, more is better, I think.

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