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Thread: 4 months for package to get to the UK from the US

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    Default 4 months for package to get to the UK from the US

    I've posted about this before in threads that are now closed...

    After placing an order with pacifiersrus in August it finally arrived just after Christmas! I had some emails back and forward with pacifiersrus but there didn't seem to be any way of locating the package and I had almost given up hope of it ever arriving. I thought it might have got seized by customs. It turned out that royal mail had sent it back to the pacifiersrus with a note saying that they couldn't deliver it - really strange cos the address details were all right. Anyway, on the second attempt, and with the shipping cost paid a second time, it finally arrived.

    It was a bit of a rant when I posted about this before so I thought I'd let you know that my package has now arrived so I'm happy, even if it is 4 months after the original order.
    Last edited by dummydave; 12-Jan-2012 at 18:24. Reason: Typo - meant to say "from the US" rather than "from the UK"

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    Yeah, I don't get how the postal system works. I have received items from the UK, ranging from taking a little as five days to almost three weeks. *shrug* No clue...

    Glad you got it though! All the patience paid off! ^^

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    I know the feeling - I've ordered things from the USA and they've taken ages to get here. I can only assume that they're getting routed via Australia or something

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