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Thread: Hi, I'm Tom

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    Smile Hi, I'm Tom

    Hi. Im 15 (nearly 16), hope thats OK and I'm welcome here? Im from the UK and am interested in sailing and art.

    Over the last couple of years I have had a strong desire to wear diapers (nappies UK). I was, and still am a bit, concerned about this desire, but feel so much better now I know there are other people who feel the same. Especially those of around my age. Although I have had this desire, I have never worn diapers (apart from when I was a baby of course) apart from once when I had the same desire as a six year old. At the moment Im trying to figure out of way of wearing them without people finding out. Im really here to gather advice and info, and to hopefully make friends to share advice. Sorry, Im not really sure of the difference between a tb and a dl.

    Thanks for the great site. Ive been searching around and all other similar ones seem to be either dead or out of date (found this one through google). Im really glad I have found this.

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    Hello welcome to ADISC! I myself am a new member here (kind of) people warm up to you pretty fast here.

    I understand your concern about your desire either to be babied or wear diapers (nappies). I'm quite sure everyone was at one time. But trust me it's much better just doing what you feel rather than regressing your feelings.

    Most importantly you are definitely not alone

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    Thanks. I'm soooo worried about buying them. I think I might try a discreet delivery service. Also, are there many other boys my age on this site, who are new to this like me?

    p.s. i really like the way this site is so friendly and up to date.

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    Glad to have you aboard. It is a confusing set of feelings to have, and it is hugely important that there is a community of like-minded people out there, I mean in here. Generally speaking, *b (tb or ab = teen baby or adult baby) involves enjoying ageplay: roleplaying being younger than oneself, generally 5 or younger. DL's (diaper lovers) like wearing diapers, using them, and/or seeing others in them. "Like" means either sexual arousal or getting a hard-to-define sense of satisfaction and relaxation. Ageplayers generally like the other accoutrements as well as diapers: onesies and other clothes, bibs, pacifiers, toys, furniture, and prams (strollers.) You will find that there are all sorts of variations of exactly what being *b/dl means to different people. Many here have a "furry" identity, several of them are "babyfurs."
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    Hey, Tom!

    There will always be members of your own age, who came to the forums in a similar situation. I can understand how frustrating it is trying to get hold of diapers discreetly (especially when you still live with your parents) but post around - there's always someone who can help; who's been there, done that, and eventually got the diapers! :p

    Oh... and a mahoosive welcome from the Dash

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    Hey I just noticed Dash is a Scot! We know what's under Dash's kilt And easy to remove if necessary - and nobody would be any the wiser!!

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    Of course you are welcome here! It is also natural for you to be confused and unsure of your feelings on this subject. We all were in the beginning and over time you will grow to learn and accept yourself better. We are here for any support or advice you may need. Do no be shy and post around some!

    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Hi Tom, and welcome to alcoholi... errr.... ADISC!

    My name is Luke, or Lukie, whichever you prefer.

    Coffee? Cakes?

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