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Thread: NEW Guy Here :D

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    Default NEW Guy Here :D

    Hello everyone Im Anthony I'm new to the site. Im hoping to make new friends and find people to chat with. Please hit me up if interested I'm a nice funny guy, i promise.

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    Hey there, welcome!

    I highly doubt you'll get many responses, since no one knows anything about you! Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself, and I'm sure you'll make friends super quickly!

    If you're struggling to think of things to write about then there's a cheat sheet at the top of this forum which will give you a few ideas

    Looking forward to hearing more from you soon!

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    Hmmmm good point. thank you very much!

    Just me:well lets see I love horror movies, im an Anime nerd, i love weightlifting, MMA, and Parkour. I may not be artistic but acting is my passion when it comes to my creative side

    TB\DL side: Ive been into diapers since i was 8, my favorites are pampers and pull-ups but i can no longer fit into them. Ive never told anyone i know about it but i wish too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talula View Post
    I highly doubt you'll get many responses, since no one knows anything about you!
    Love the no BS, straight to the point motive, Tal

    Although I do agree. Tell us what you're into besides diapers so we can put a bit more personality to the name
    Music taste? Games? Sports? Hobbies and interests in general!? Things like that.

    Rewinding a little bit (where are my manners!)... welcome to the forum, FullMetalGrace!
    I hope you find everything you need here; whether it's discover more of the TB or DL or babyfur in you, or just to meet super cool people who you have that in common with. And please please please don't feel shy/intimidated when voicing your own opinion. We don't bite... well, most of us don't

    But yeah. If there's anything else u wanna tell us, go ahead.
    Otherwise, enjoy posting with us!


    p.s. you beat my response by 2 minutes. So disregard half of what I just said hehe.

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    haha no worrys ive had no problem voicing my thoughts or opinions and its all good XD

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    You like acting? Cool, What different plays have you done?
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    Ive been in 3 Romeo and juliet as Romeo, The villian wore a dirty shirt as the sherrif, and Guys and Dolls just minor roll

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    hi FMG!

    Welcome to ADISC, and yeah, with all of the negativity going on in this world today,
    we encourage fun people like you to join ADISC and keep us in good spirits here!


    Just curious, do you have any suggestions for reall funny websites or joke pages online?

    Also, what's your favorite diaper (so far)?


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