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Thread: What puts you all in a good mood?

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    Default What puts you all in a good mood?

    You can put anything AB related or not.

    What instantly puts me in a good mood is dark chocolate, a warm sunny day, a new video game, exploring or cosplaying. Sometimes I just wake up that way or just am without a very good reason.

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    a bottle of Jack Daniels, getting good marks in assignments, meeting friends who you haven't seen in years/months

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    MOVING ! as in move to another house not as in sport (i hate sport)
    exploring random forests and land full of rock and things to collect (but i hate spike balls yet i haVE A HUGE colleciton of them)
    MUSIC! the right music at the right time can make my day, the wrong music or/and at the wrong time can ruin my mood for the next hours
    right now its Daft Punk - Around The World - YouTube over and over and over its too short
    hmm i used to wake up in a good mood for no reason but it doesnt happen anymore i usualy wake up thinking another f***ing useless day..... and if im lucky ill find something that put me in a not-so-bad mood
    i dont get 'good mood' since a long while

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    Sleeping, but usually only if I get up once the sun has gone down. Video games can at sometimes, but I get immersed in those, so it can often have the opposite effect as well xD. Some music can help as well, depends on the song (oddly angrier songs do better xD).

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    Getting and playing games (also love that new game smell you get when first opening a case ^^)

    Music as long as it the right song/band. (I love music like this: Freedom Call warriors with lyrics - YouTube)

    Listening to podcasts like IGN's Podcast Beyond

    I have also found myself in a really good mood when Ive been on this site browsing the forum and getting to know people. ^^

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    Playing a nice videogame, whilst [removed] drinking a nice cold beer!(and having my Pacifier within reach)
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    To put me in a really good mood would require a string of events going in my favor during the day.
    other things that can put me in a fairly good mood would be things like:
    Making my wife happy
    Repairing something that was broken
    Music at the right time/moment
    Completing self assigned tasks (a feeling of accomplishment)
    Doing an enjoyable activity and having something additional planned that you will also enjoy a lot
    Several things go right on the job
    Waking up from a pleasant dream
    Going RV camping

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    Listening to awesome music and sometimes, nothing at all

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    Music is one of the few things. And pretty much the only thing that always lifts my mood.

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