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Thread: Goddag! (Or Hello... :))

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    Default Goddag! (Or Hello... :))

    Well, I know, it's probably not to good to include words from other languages than English in your introductiontitle, but on the other hand: an introduction should be personal, right?

    Well, enough of that... I'm form Sweden (you know that country in Scandinavia where we has Ice Bears, right? ), so I guess you have to bare with my bad English (i mix things up, "to" and "too" for example.) or stop reading.

    I have actually been reading thous forums for a while now, (well, alright than, I'm a "lurker"...) and I must say that I'm pretty impresst by your community (it's a lot friendlier than many others out there, at least does it look like that).

    Well, if I should try to go into some "personal" details. I'm 15 years old, and is pretty happy with that age, not to young, not to old. I guess you could say I'm living in the "countryside", it's just trees everywhere, and around 30 kilometers to my school.

    I enjoy reading books and shorter stories (DL and non DL). I guess different kinds TV is enjoyable to. Merlin, The Event is some of the series i enjoy. I play the flute (that's how you say in English, right?) from time to time, but trust me, I'm not just seeking for friendly comments when I say that I don't play to good (or well, not good at all...).

    Regarding my spare time do I pretty much spend i all with my beloved computer. Right now, I'm in too learning programming, and just finished the code for one of my first Java programs (yay!). But well, I'm not entirely sure, but i think I will give C++ a try as well...

    I play some different games too, Minecraft, Battfelfied 3, The West (textbased browser game), C & C (Red alert 1 (best intro ever!), Renegade (can't wait for Renegade X to come out as "stand-alone"!)), and some other stuff...

    Music is good too, but most often the old (well, I'm young, so old = 60s - 80s) one is better than the new. Some artists/bans I enjoy is Toto, Journey, Queen and Europe. But well, there is some hope for the future of the music industry: Agnes Obel (danish). I really don't know why I like her music (it's really not my taste...), but somehow I do

    My relation to diapers is just as complicated as everyones... I think I have been into it my whole life, more or less. I remember that I and a old friend to me always was playing "half IC" when we where younger. (Sort of as a variant to the ordinary (direct translated) "mother, dad, child - games" ) And well, then it was totally normal... I really don't remember the first time I used diapers, but I think I did that before I actually discovered the for me sexual thing around them. My younger brother have some kinds of "Mental retardation" (if that is the correct English word, doesn't is sound too nice...), and is as a result of that incontinent, so at the beginning I borrowed hes (far to small (my brother is about eight years younger than me)) diapers.

    And well, at this time in life do I call myself DL, I hasn't really allowed myself to explore the TB/AB parts. But well, life is long

    I believe that that's enough for this time, once again: I'm really glad to have found this place!

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    Hey there, TheOwl! Welcome to ADISC! That was a wonderful introduction! Very thorough! And you're English is really good, much better than my Swedish! (Goddag!)

    I think we're going to be really good friends! Journey, Toto, Europe and Queen and all in my top 10 artists on my ipod!!

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    Welcome to you from someone who comes from a Danish background (while born American, my mother and grandmother are from Copenhagen). While English may be a second language for most in Scandanavia, the command that most have over the English language is far better than most. My wife, children, and I all visited Copenhagen a few years back when I had a sabbatical from my job and we loved the time we spent there.

    ADISC has certainly proven to me that it can be a very friendly and helpful site, I hope you find the same!

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    Thanks too both of you! Yes, Sweden is (like the rest of Scandinavia) really beautiful! "Och deffenetift språket också" (and the language as well!). One again, thanks for the friendly comments, it's needed with a English teacher as mine...

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    Nice to see anotheer swede here!
    That was a great intro and I don´t see much problem with your english either.


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