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Thread: I'm new again.

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    Default I'm new again.

    Hello everyone at Adisc, my name is Taylor I'm technically from Minnesota cause I've lived there for most of my life, but now I live in scorching hot Phoenix D: I previously had an account here a couple years back, so I know the community a little bit, but you probably didn't get to know me cause I was quiet, I talked here and there. Hobbies of mine are video games, hiking, biking, walking, exercising/ lifting weights, um and diapers whenever I get the damn privacy! I'm currently staying sober! from duz drugz man. that's my new years resolution and I'm proud of it, cause its an obstacle that's been affecting me for years, and I kinda grew up a bit. I hope that covered it. hit me up if you wanna talk or if you want to know me a little bit better :] Thanks and I'll see you all around the community.

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    Hey Taylor a war welcome to ADISC im serten you will find nice people here as the comuinty is very nice just rembere to get up ranks awnser qustions in the fourms and be nice to others

    and by the way this a brilent start to this site by intreducing your self keep it up. if you want to ask any qustions or anything fell free to talk to me im online alot


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    Thanks for the greeting Rainbowsplash ;] and I'll keep the advice in mind, feel free to add me if you'd like and we could chat sometime. well hasta luego, it's 3:22 am here, off to beddy bye

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