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Thread: 1st time buying from Babykins, Need advice

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    Default 1st time buying from Babykins, Need advice

    Excuse me if this is in the wrong forum (I hope it isn't). Anyways, I have purchased bambinos, nuks ad the like online before with prepaid cards, but I've never ordered from a retailer outside my native US. This makes me nervous considering a prospective purchase I'm about to make from Babykins. My main question to anyone in America who has ordered from them is if customs duties are slapped on to one's purchase? If so, when are they applied (upon placing an order, delivery etc...) also, how much will it run me if said fees exist? Thanks for the help in advance...

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    Here's from eBay: Canada & USA Import / Export Shipping Guide

    In short, provided Babykins declares things properly and provided you spend less than $200, you'll be fine.

    I ordered about $100 in diapers from Rearz (in Canada) late last year and there were no duties or customs issues.

    EDIT: Welcome to ADISC, by the way! (Don't forget to go and introduce yourself in the Introductions forum!)

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    I have ordered from Babykins with no issues whatsoever. IMHO, they are a very reputable and responsible company that has a good product and takes care of their customers. Everything is calculated with shipping before you decide to hit the 'pay' button, so you aren't locked in if you're worried about customs duties, etc.

    I have had nothing but good experiences with them.

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    I've been a Babykins customer for years. They're good to work with. All duties are included in shipping. Service is a bit slow, if you're spoiled by the likes of XP Medical. But their product is good. I wear their terry-lined polyester pants over my disposables frequently. I'm wearing one now. Never had a diaper leak go beyond that outer pant, and that's a good thing.

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    I get stuff from Babykins and never had any problems. They declare items as clothing. The plastic pants are ok and love their thick white cotton trainer pants.

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    They took about 7 days to arrive but were exactly what I wanted. Overall I was happy with them.

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