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    Hello, I'm a long time lurker from the soth who now lives in the boston are└. This is the first time I've every declared myself publicly

    Sorry my post is terrible, my computer is not happy with the move.
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    Hello and welcome. Do not be afraid to talk more often.


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    Great to see you've come out of lurking. Be sure to post around a bit! Want to tell us a little more about yourself, like hobbies or where you are in school or beyond? Doesn't have to be TB stuff, we talk about a lot of other things here too. Hope you enjoy your time here though.


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    Welcome to the site. There's no need to be shy, because most of us are really nice people.

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    Welcome, welcome, welcome!

    Don't be afraid to post. You don't need to put much in to get a lot out of this site. But yeah, tell us a little about yourself. What are you interested in etc.

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