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Thread: Best place online to buy CHEAP camera batteries.

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    Default Best place online to buy CHEAP camera batteries.

    Just bought a budget point and shoot camera for my upcoming trip to Disneyland today. I ended up settling on a Canon PowerShot A2200 and so far i love it for the steal of a price i got it all for.Although i haven't tested the battery life to its extent yet, i would still like to pick up an extra or two for my trip, thus if it forgets to get charged in the moterhome overnight, or if i decide to do a lot of video. So all in all, i am looking for the best place to get a few more batteries, weather they be Canon or a name brand (not so big on cheap knock offs but they may be considered.

    It uses a Canon NB-8L battery. (3.6V 740mAh)(Li-ion)

    Any ideas? Already checked Monoprice and newegg but neither carry any other brands.

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    This one is a great price, but with it being 1000mAh compared to 740mAh of the original battery ... It kind of worries me, would hate to overheat the camera or anything.

    Best NB-8L NB8L Replacement Li-ion Battery For Canon PowerShot A2200 Camera | eBay

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    This one is a great price, but with it being 1000mAh compared to 740mAh of the original battery ... It kind of worries me, would hate to overheat the camera or anything.

    Best NB-8L NB8L Replacement Li-ion Battery For Canon PowerShot A2200 Camera | eBay

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    I would strongly recommend against anything that cheap! The old saying about "if it looks too good to be true..." springs to mind!

    Photography's a bit of a hobby of mine, and I've heard horror stories about cheap third party batteries. Things like them giving unreliable capacity readouts (so dying suddenly when they seem to have a lot of charge left), or splitting and leaking, and damaging the camera in someway.
    Also, as these battery packs do wear out with repeated charging, I'd avoid any second hand stuff as you never know what exactly you're getting in terms of capacity. There's nothing worse than your batteries all dying just when the perfect shot comes along!

    My advice would be to only buy them from a reputable shop, either online or bricks and mortar. Specalist camera places can be very good for advice on this sort of thing as well.

    Hope that helps

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    For all electronics and electronic accessories, eBay seems to have the cheapest options.

    As ChrisB said above, be cautious of third-party batteries. I bought one as a replacement for a laptop and it died within a year. Of course, for whatever you buy, make sure your camera's model number is listed as compatible with that battery pack.

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    Aww, MisterD beat me to saying "eBay."

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    If you were in a great shooting situation and your rechargeable died, you could always use regular AA, assuming that's the size of your rechargeable. We do that at school all the time and we do use Canon. Just dispose of them as soon as they run down because you don't want them to leak into your camera.

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    I'm always a fan of Amazon.

    I have the Canon SD1400IS I keep as a spare in my pocket (actually lent it to a friend a few months ago). I also bought a fujifilm W3 as a novelty... the camera has no view finder (it only shows images on the display so the battery dies quickly). I purchased 4 spare batteries which each last about 100 shots, and I have an 8GB card for that camera ... the batteries were each under $5 on Amazon. You do get what you pay for, don't expect the world from a $5 battery... but they will get me where you want to be. Don't neglect your memory card. I find two small ones are better, just in case something happens, you will theoretically have half of your vaction photos. I'd take about 8 or 16GB. (My Canon 50D can take 6,000 photos at the lowest setting on an 8GB card). (Sorry, camera geek here). Buy a spare charger, so you can charge more than one battery at a time. Charge them at night at your hotel! Perhaps even get a Flickr account and upload them for safe storage, even if it's on a private setting so you alone can see them. Sorry for my post, it's all over the place!

    Never been on ebay myself.

    Have fun! (And just an aside... I tend to go overboard with my picture taking... I read recently to really enjoy a trip... just take a step back and put down the camera... your memories will be far better).

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