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Thread: becoming a diaper snob

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    Default becoming a diaper snob

    So I have been wearing diapers pretty much all of my life. When I started driving I went to the store and bought some Attends. That was around 1988. I loved them and was brand loyal to them for almost 20 years. But a little while ago I tried some other diapers, like dry 24/7, Abenas, Ultra Actives, ABU's and Bambinos. Now I'm just not as comfy in Attends. I would say Bamdinos are my favorite diaper, but Ultra Actives are quieter under clothing, so they may win out over all. Now I feel kinda like a snob for wanting the top of the line diaper. I'm like a sophisticated diaperist!

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    Once you find a higher quality diaper, you're bound not to go back very easily. My situation is very similar to yours (except I don't wear 24/7); when I tried Depends, I thought they were good, but not great; then I tried Bambinos, and almost immediately I was like "To hell with Depends..." So yeah I know were you're coming from.

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    I've been a depends and value diaper guy most of my life, but not by choice. I found a place that sold Attends retail last year and have picked up a few bags of them as well. Recently found an opening to order some diapers and got a package of Abena Delta-Forms.. Needless to say I too am getting comfortable with being spoiled with top notch diapers

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    I've only tried premium diapers once, and I'm all ready dreading have to go back to Depends. >.< I can't wait to have disposable income....

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    I like having a nice variety of products ranging from the Depend max protection (must laugh at that name), through Attends 10, Tena Maxi, Tena Ultima, Molicare Super Plus etc.

    Sometimes a quick hour of wearing and using is all I might have time for, and in such cases I would prefer to wear the Depends, and fill them nicely, rather than only lightly dampen something more absorbent.

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    Nothing wrong with that...u have simply moved up to something better. I used to think Depends were great until I discovered that I could order much better diapers online. If you drove a Miata and enjoyed it, but then got a Porsche, would you want to go back to driving the Miata? I doubt it. That doesn't make you a snob, you just want the best equipment available.

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    I buy whatever I can find, so sometimes all I have available is Drynites and sometimes like today I get lucky and find X Pluses in a thrift store. I'm not really too fussed, I can order online if I want to, but Australia really doesn't offer many choices, so whatever's around will do for me.

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    For some reason I expected this to be a Family Guy sketch...

    Once you've used a premium diaper the other ones do seem really poor - it's no snobbishness, it's sheer practicality

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    I also am becoming a diaper snob. I started out with Depends, like most of you did, but now that I can order online, I wear Dry 24/7s. I never went back to Depends after that.

    To me, the choices of diapers seem analogous to video game consoles and the console wars.

    A typical scenario:

    Person 1: "Dude, these Bambinos kick ass!"

    Person 2: "No, they don't. Abena could kick Bambino's padded ass any day!"

    Person 3: "Guys, shut the hell up. You all know that Dry 24/7 could pwn Abena and Bambino in an epic duel. Stop being such babies!"

    Person 4: "What about cloth? It's the most versatile."

    Random Onlooker: "Why the hell are you guys comparing diapers?"

    Person 1: "You don't know what you are missing out on."

    Random Onlooker: "Umm... okay..." (long pause, followed by cautious backing away from the group of ABDLs)
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    Now I'm worried, I started with Dry 24/7s but they're expensive and the other premium options are hard to come by in Canada so my next round will probably be Attends... Going backwards might be interesting.

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