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Thread: Do any of you find you subconsciously enjoy the textures of diapers?

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    Default Do any of you find you subconsciously enjoy the textures of diapers?

    I realized something weird today. I like to rip/cut off tags off of shirts/sweaters or something to that extent that has the same texture and as I was playing around with one today (rolling and kneading it), I put it on my stomach and realized that the texture actually feels kind of like a diaper. I've had this habit since I was about 4 years old, back when my kiddie underwear would have these kinds of laundry tabs. I mean these kind of slippery plasticky ones, sometimes attached to ikea bags, and it has a similar feel to it as plastic covered diapers used to, huggies and the such. I usually need it in times of stress or anxiety, works better than biting my nails ever did.

    Anyone experience anything similar?

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    It's not subconscious for me at all. I think that my early interest was nearly as much driven by the feeling of the plastic shell as what they really represented.

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    I concur with trevor, the crinkle, smell and texture are some if not the bigger appeals of padding :3
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    Also joining the bandwagon that the texture is part of what would actively make me enjoy a diaper. This is partly why so many people in the community absolutely loath "Cloth Backed" diapers.

    Though your reasoning may be different, and I'm sure there's someone else on this forum that will agree with you.

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    Its one of the things I like most about diapers is when I find one that has the thick soft plastic like the 1989 huggies.

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    I found some old 1983 huggies the other day which is what i wore as a child and they have waistbands and loud crinkly plastic just like Attends that i like so much. Ive always wondered why ive been attracted to them more than any other brands, and i guess i found out why! Pretty cool.

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    I love the feel of a plastic nappy , and I too love d feel of laundry tags , I would love to get a nappy made out of this material

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    Default Satin panties

    If it's what I'm thinking of you may like the feeling of satin panties. It's the nice slippery feeling but on a much larger scale. BTW they are very comfortable to wear.

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