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Thread: wearing 24/7 feels awkward not to

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    Default wearing 24/7 feels awkward not to

    i wore diapers 24/7 for the last 5 days and i took off my diaper for 20 minutes just to see what it was like it felt so wierd

    has any one else done this and had the same reactionas i did

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    You loose your sense of security. I would stress that something else would get wet and it would not be a diaper.

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    The longest I wore was from about 3pm one day until 6:30am the next. I felt naked at work lol.

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    @trauma lol ya felt the same its been fun tho i think ive got like 4 or 5 days in diapers left i hope i didnt weaken my bladder control o well if i did lol makes you feel more like a baby if you did and we all no that is fun

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    I just spent the last two days diapered constantly. It was really a really wonderful 48 hours, but I don't feel too much different without them on. I have never had the discipline to stay diapered longer than a weekend... I think perhaps I am afraid I would like it too much.

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    @favorite lol ya i dont know y i am staying in diapers its wierd this is the longest time ive spent in them but i like it and enjoy it alot i was regressing alot this morning altho i dont really have much baby stuff cant wait to get a paci altho i may get a bottle in a while

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    I know exactly what you mean. I like to let my diaper area air out for a bit after showering (essential if you're wearing 24/7 on an indefinite basis). I used to just wear my boxers when doing that and it felt so wrong after being diapered all the time. Now that I've thrown my underwear out I just sit on a towel or my changing mat and it feels even more strange

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    I miss the feelings to alot of time when i take my diaper off.

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    There is always that feeling of both nakedness and vulnerability when I go back down to boxers. For the first hour i feel a little drippy or something and I almost get nervous. But it's a mental thing that stops after I adjust.. then I go back to a plain old nothing-special-about-it day.

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    I have been wearing non stop for three days, and now i have soaked my M2 this morning and didn't pack a spare nappy I feel naked and horrid . Want to just wet my pants :'(

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