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Thread: Canadian Diaper Disturbers

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    Default Canadian Diaper Disturbers

    Awhile back B4NS supplied Bambino Diapers which I felt very satisfied with. But for almost a year they haven't had anymore in. And I am almost down to my last few diapers from Bambinos. Does anyone know of any good distributors that sell AB themed diapers that ship to Canada, at somewhat of a reasonable price? or something similar to Bambino quality (holds together well and holds a good amount of liquid)?

    Since I am getting a little annoyed that there has been no news or updates on B4NS getting anymore bambinos :c And I am unsure if ABU is the second best option right now :/ Since I am very unsure how they compare to bambino....

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    They don't have Bambino's, but Welcome to ABCanada here in Vancouver has a decent selection of ABDL-diapers

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    I believe you wanted the word "distributor" in the title to your thread instead of the word "disturber"

    distributor |disˈtribyətər| (abbr.: distr.)
    1 an agent who supplies goods to stores and other businesses that sell to consumers : a wholesale liquor distributor | the movie's distributor booked the film into theaters.
    2 a device in a gasoline engine for passing electric current to each spark plug in turn.

    disturb |disˈtərb|
    verb [ trans. ]
    interfere with the normal arrangement or functioning of : being sent to jail had apparently not disturbed his cheerfulness | the site surface had been disturbed by bulldozer activity.
    • destroy the sleep or relaxation of : he crept in so as not to disturb his sleeping parents.
    • (often be disturbed) cause to feel anxious : I am disturbed by the document I have just read | [as adj. ] ( disturbing) disturbing unemployment figures.
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    disturber noun
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    ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French destourber, from Latin disturbare, from dis- ‘utterly’ + turbare ‘disturb’ (from turba ‘tumult’ ).

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    Actually I contacted Bambinos down in the states and they said they will be restocking with B4NS in a month or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryger View Post
    Actually I contacted Bambinos down in the states and they said they will be restocking with B4NS in a month or so.
    I had contacted them recently and got the same answer as well, I guess we shall see

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    i asked them in November, they told me they would be restocking b4ns at the end of 2011...
    guess they missed that target.

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