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    I am curious about how you set up your room to allow it to be a safe space to be little while looking normal from the outside world?

    I have a cool bedside table that has multiple shelfs that face my bed but are hidden from view unless you are laying in bed. Thats where I keep my paci and sometimes a bottle of baby powder will end up there, not really hidden but completely out of sight. with my bed in the corner and the way I like to sit on it from this angle I can see surfaces that are not seen when people look into my room from the door way. just like how my paci is hidden out of sight, I can put some childish stickers on the side of the desk that faces the bed so I can only see it while laying in bed.

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    I'm intending to have a fully fledged nursery at some point, ideally Lion King themed I've got too much ABDL stuff to hide away, so I just try to make sure anyone who doesn't know about it doesn't go into my bedroom.

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