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    You can call me Ephemeron, or Izzet or Izzle. I'm an AB, and my interest in diapers only extends far enough to conquer my weak bladder. I'm a bit brash and straightforward-- I apologise for that in advance... I often seem mean or angry when I really am neither. 8u8 I do fancy myself well-writ, and I like long, properly punctuated pieces of literature, a la classic novels and theatrical plays. William Shakespeare is my favourite. If you so much as recite one quote from him, I may love you forever! I'm attending school and temporarily (I hope) out of work, but I get by selling my sculptures. I LOVE art and artists, and-- since I'm sort of one myself-- babyfurs. I love making new friends, and I hope some of you would like to come up and talk to me as well! That's what I came here for, after all-- a bit of a support group to talk to if I experience problems related to my infantilism.ouo

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    Welcome to the ADISC community, Ephemeron!

    By the way, fantastic avatar

    We really do need more artistic types on this forum, so please feel free to be your brash and bold self. You just might make a difference in this server : )

    All the best,


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    You think so? .o. I actually got pretty upset at how pixelated it became when I re-sized it. I'm glad people might still like it!

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    Welcome to the site. Also i agree with MilesPrower, your avatar is better then most, including mine.
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