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Thread: waves a hoof in greeting

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    Default waves a hoof in greeting

    Hello to all of you,

    I am lil emms a male to female TS pre op. I am also a babyfur and adult baby,

    My appearence of choice is slightly frilly and a pink pony foal, I'm from the UK and got into AB babyfur due to being incontinent due to a accident and found being a littl was a good copeing mechanism for me.

    look forwards to getting to know you all over time

    hugs for now

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    Welcome to site. Nice to have all these new members coming in. Make yourself at home and try to get involved with everything. It is really worth it.

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    Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy it here.

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    Welcome to adisc. You found a good support site, especially since you are going through the transformation. I wish you the best with all of that. I think all of us here are different than the average Joe, and we all deal with coping skills, as life throws different things at each one of us. Enjoy.....

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    *would wag a stem in return if BabyGrizzy hadn't ripped it off five dozen times already*

    So I'll just say "Hi and welcome". Remember to wear horse diapers when you're here - we don't like puddles


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    Nice to see a clip-clop here. :-)

    While I don't look it, my other fursona is a horse. (I really should make a bumper sticker...) I have been in a canid stage for... a long time. Though in certain situations, I do trade in my (four) paws for hooves. ;-)

    Anyways, welcome! Hope you have a great time here!

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    thank you for the welcome to all of you and a snug

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