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Thread: Indulging in my AB side

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    Default Indulging in my AB side

    So guys, I have always considered myself a full on DL with some AB tendencies and I have once experimented with regressing and it was fun but I figured it would only be a one time thing. Very recently, however, I saw a picture of the most adorable Eeyore adult onesie and I think I am in love. It was the world's cutest thing and if it was for sale in stores I think I would pay any price. Anyway, even more recently I have had a sudden craving for a pacifier and have even looked into getting one... Have any of you that considered yourselves at one point or another strictly AB or DL ever felt that you were slowly transitioning more toward the other side? This is very confusing for me but I am enjoying myself so, I figure, why not go along for the ride?

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    I've always been ABDL, but from what I've seen on here starting as either AB or DL and morphing into ABDL is fairly common - and usually fun. There also appears to be furries who have 'become' ABDL and vice-versa.

    The reason for this is probably simply due to the fact that each of these lifestyles is quite likely to expose you to the other lifestyles. If you have latent desires for any of these lifestyles than that could well be the trigger for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by DPRzazi View Post
    This is very confusing for me but I am enjoying myself so, I figure, why not go along for the ride?

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    If it appeals to you and you want to try, go for it! That's just a fact of life. As long it's not harming anyone, why not?

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    So last night (ironically shortly after starting this thread) I started to regress again. I don't know what triggered it (probably the Pixar short films mixed with me being tired) but it was awesome. It seems I am moving towards the AB side more and more each day

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    Interesting topic! I have been having exactly the same feelings so will keep an eye on this topic. I am and always have been DL (well, not always, but ever since I started having these feelings).

    But recently I have started to become curious about AB as well. I was browsing for onesies and found nice (and cute) ones and ordered one just today. I was tempted to buy a bottle and generally I really enjoy watching cartoons or playing with things like Lego. I don't know in what way I'll pursue these feelings but I am enjoying it and it is fun. I am hesitant to pursue the whole regression thing but I'll see how comfy I am with it.

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    I also was just DL but have been going more towards the AB side as time goes by. I didn't get my first onesie until after I got married so I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that getting married gave me a potential caregiver (although in reality, she doesn't really care much for the diapers) so I was able to develop more of those thoughts and ideas.

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    I didn't try pacis until recently, been a thumbsucker forever though (folks STILL comment on it)

    Loving my paci and it's led me to look up bottles and onesies. Getting caught with a paci is one thing though, I could explain that away as a self help for thumbsucking, getting caught with a bottle or onesie would definately raise some eyebrows =S

    Ah well family is out for a while soon, just hope I don't go crazy and throw it all out before they get back!

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