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    Default Hi everyone

    Hi I Joined this site because I'm interested in meeting others like me and maybe some new friends to play Xbox or something with

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    Hi there, welcome to adisc!

    I'm afraid you're going to have to tell us a little bit more about yourself than that! There are some great guides at the top of the forum if you want to check them out, and one of them has a handy layout thing which can guide you with the sorts of things we're nterested in knowing about you!

    To start you off though.... Do you prefer coke or pepsi? What's your desert island disc? Desert island book? Do youz have an abnormal number of fingers or toes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talula View Post
    What's your desert island disc?
    Mine would be the Discus of course.

    But hello there Frosty my boy, I see from your name you either love multiples of 8, love the cold, love the Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam, love the The Laughing Cavalier and/or were born in a month during winter. Seeing that you're from Illinois, are you proud to have your former senator (Barack Obama) as current Commander-in-Chief? I know a lot of other people here love to play xbox, but I believe they only tend to give out gamer tags to people that stick around for a while. So be sure to peruse and respond in the forums more than once in a blue moon!

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    Hi BabyFrost!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Just curious, how did you find this awesome site?

    And just curious, when did you first start to like diapers? (I was 11)

    =) Enjoy the journey here connecting to *BDLs from all over the planet!

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