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    Any cloth-only users use in public? I would imagine that you would not want to change while out do to the inconvinience. Wouldn't that lead to wearing inch thick or more diapers to last all day. I really like inexpensivenss and overall feel of cloth but i feel that inch or more thick diapers could be bordering exhibition.

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    Have not worn in public yet but have doing yard work. Assuming you want to be modest and not make it obvious to casual observers you are wearing, just use your regular tricks. One thing that works well is to wear the waist of your pants on your plastic pants and diaper, rather than on top of it. If your pants ride up over your diaper, your pants will show a very visible bulge at the top of your diaper.

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    I wear cloth out in public during the winter. I have a long winter coat that covers the diaper bulge. Sometimes I'll ask my wife if I show, if it's a little warmer and I'm in a shorter coat. I don't wear them so long that I would need a change. If I was incontinent and had to wear, I'd just carry some sort of diaper bag and say to hell with anyone who didn't approve. I don't wear during the summer, except once I did on the bike trail. I had baggy biking shorts to cover them. sometimes you just have to say to hell with everyone else. They'll get over it.

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    Hi, I wer cloth diapers in public all the time, but then I am female and wear jumper dress or empire-waisted dresses which fairly well hides the fact that I am wearing cloth diapers underneath. I just have to be careful not to walk so fast that I waddle and I also have to be careful how I sit as it is often impossible to bring my knees completely together.

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    Thanks. I obviously wont wear a dress but i have found i can wear inch and a half cloth diapers on errands with no one noticing. Although im having to rethink the going so thick i fo sho wont need a change after a sudden bit of irritable bowel syndrome. Even though not carrying extras is convinient.

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    I've worn cloth in public, and even to work when I worked in the corporate world. Pack a changing mat into your bag as well as a couple of plastic bags (like old grocery bags), and you'll have no more problem changing cloth in public than you will disposables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishonastick View Post
    Carrying around heavy wet ones is undesirable thougj
    It's not actually too much of a thing, as long as you've packed a couple of bags to wrap them in.

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