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Thread: Getting Angry

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    Default Getting Angry

    Nobody knows anything about my abdl side as far as I know, lately if i'm doing something like sucking on a paci and someone knocks I get all shaky, then I just get well mad.

    I'll start snapping, just generally treating the family like crap if I almost get caught.

    I've thought about telling the folks but after having a really good read through the articles i've decided to leave it.

    Anyone else gone through something like this, will it get better? Do you have a certain technique to calm down?

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    Used to feel the same, I would say it could be the adrenaline, I belive (with absolutely no backgroundcheck what so ever) when you do something like this that can possibly be thought of slightly sexual, you raise adrenaline, and you are scared to get caught and then when it's only seconds before something that you'd imagine would ruin your whole universe, the adrenaline raises to a whole other level which makes you make rash desicions and get more sensetive and reach different feelings quicker.
    Again, don't take this for facts, this is just straight out of my crazy brain.

    As how to stop it? That is hard, for me it stopped when I became more careful, and also, when I got my own place so the chanse of being disturbed is about 0 %, then again, all I do is look at stuff on my computer most of the time.

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    If you act like a jerk every time you almost get caught, when you DO get caught, I'm going to guess that your family will correlate your wierd behavior with your anger, and condemn you for both.

    Or you could be nicer about it, be polite when you are interrupted, and keep it on the down-low. Any risk of getting caught will lessen, and if you do get caught, you will have been caught while being nice, and you might get a more understanding response. Plus being mean is just generally unpleasant.

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    I'm usually good to them, up for any conversation and enjoy it. This side only comes out when I practice, I guess being more careful is key *duh*

    Thanks for the responses

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    If I can't wear for a while I get "itchy" or edgy. Wearing and using diapers mellows me out for an extended period of time. You probably just need to be able to do your thing. Since you probably can't, you'll just have to try to control your anger, because as Lutheranchild said, you will be better perceived without the anger, and that will work in your favor.

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    I get the edgy feeling as well, I'll get some release soon, they're all going away for a bit =)

    I'll try meditating or something. As Lutheran said I'm being a jerk, just gets a bit much then yeah, heart racing then anger.

    Thanks for the reply

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    I've got it, the door I have doesn't lock but I do have a small single seat couch thing, I'm going to wedge that in between the door and wall when I feel like it. That way they can knock, try to barge in but won't be able to, giving me time to hide, take a few breaths and open the door.

    Shouldn't be too hard to explain why I want my privacy =)

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    I think for me its almost the same. Yet you do kind of have to go into adult mode sometimes and realize that being AB unfortunately, usually (especially if u live with family) cannot be a constant thing, but thats not so bad!. I mean we have to keep things in moderation its healthy. I believe, that its much more rewarding to pick a time to treat yourself
    For example, for me, I wait until everyones gone to bed, and I can warm up my milk and go upstairs, switch on some cartoons and have my dollies everywhere and just regress and drink my bottle happily.
    Nobody can bother me because its nighttime. I guess for most of us that live with family, nighttime regression is best.

    Besides, sometimes when we have something available all the time , it makes us sorta bored with it. So make a *baby time* for yourself when you know family is busy or not around or sleeping, and use that time for regression It makes it more special!

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    I can't really tell people, either-- I fear the consequences. It eats me up inside sometimes, but I feel that a little pain is better than losing a good friend, or never being able to get a job again.

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    @ LittleHannah, definately took that on-board =)

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    For me, irritability and anger is due to the pressure of not being free to be myself. It's because the truth is so close to the surface and I find it actually takes a lot of energy and effort to keep it down. We can use the analogy of a pressure cooker. The lack of freedom to express myself turns to irritability inside me and has to be released somehow. It will be projected onto those around me or I keep it all inside because I don't want to affect anyone but then I get depressed.

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