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    Hello people.

    I am "curious" so to speak. So, thought I'd join up. Shan't say much more for now.

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    Hello, Boinflip, and welcome to ADISC. Maybe we can help solve your curiosity, so would you like to elaborate on that?

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    Just curious about being padded, I don't know if there's more to it than that. I haven't tried it, just curious, as I said, but the thoughts seem to occur more frequently of late. Tonight was one of those days, so I decided to join up instead of having a quick glance at the forums.

    There is more to me as a person, of course, as I have noted about the people on here.

    I shall see what this site has to offer, there seem to be a lot of gathered and friendly individuals about :-)

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    Glad to hear that you have decided to join up and get more involved in the community. As for being curious about it, that's how my TB/DL side all started out, it started out as wondering what it was like to be padded, then it turned into being an infantilist, which turned into being a tb/dl.

    Like you said, there is more to you as a person, and you're DL side probably doesn't really rule your life, so maybe tell us a bit about yourself, maybe some of your favorite TV shows, choice in music, or maybe some hobbies, etc.

    Either way, welcome to the wonderful community here at ADISC, and don't be afraid to jump in and get active.

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    I'm all for trying new things. So we shall see.

    Not much to say really. Quite generic. The Walking Dead is something I enjoyed watching recently. Quite an eclectic taste, I just like what I like, to be honest.

    Full time University student, so that takes up a lot of my time. I should really be studying right now >.<

    I enjoy a quiet pub, socialising, visiting new places, books (though haven't had much time recently).

    I'm delving in :-)

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    I know how involved uni can be just from watching it consume my brother, but hey, you can't make studying use up all of your free time, just a good chunk of it :P

    As for the pub, I'm too young to know anything about it, socialising is not one of my strong suits, since I'm a total introvert, visiting new places is always a nice thing to do in my opinion, and I read some books, not as many as I used to, but I may end up picking up some more books later on.

    Glad to see you 'round the forums, Mike/teslacoil4148.

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    Aye, but when I am not studying or worrying about it, I just feel too tired to do much. Just lay around watching random crap or go visit a pal...and the pub of course

    I used to be quite a bookworm, though as I have aged, I'm finding myself less inclined to read. The urge is still there, but no time really.

    I don't like crowds, but it's something you have to deal with living in a large city.

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