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Thread: Diapers in the Workplace. Marked increase in Efficiancy?

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    Default Diapers in the Workplace. Marked increase in Efficiancy?

    So yeah, I wear diapers in the workplace. Or pull ups. Whatever, I wear things you can pee in to work.

    Lately it's part of an experiment to see how long I can afford diapers if they're a part of the budget. So one package every twenty or thirty days is what I aim for. And I found that the Depends underwear, the new kind that look like men's underwear, are actually pretty absorbant if I go with the controlled burn method.

    During the day it can get pretty busy at our store, so I do find it's more useful to have diapers on since getting away from the cash register long enough to pee is considered a luxury. Especially if you worked the retail Christmas run.

    Any diapers in the workplace stories you'd care to share? Please stick to the topic of wearing diapers while working, thank you.

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    I imagine it would be very convenient as long as you also controlled your fluids so you didn't risk overfilling them. Having to change them would likely defeat any advantage associated with them, except of course if being diapered improves your mood. =p

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    Depends underwear do hold quite a bit but odour control is very poor. I wear them to work but I only use them to absorb the limited amount that leaks out naturally. If I wet properly I would have to change straight away. Also I find they are only really absorbant when fresh on. If I wet in the afternoon there would be a very high risk of leakage.

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    I am not sure about efficiency... I have a tough time with changes due to my small office environment and I do have to change at least 1-2 times a day while in the office. This can be tough when trying to explain why you are taking your backpack out of the office. I am debating getting a duffel bag with locks and keep a lot of diapers in a inconspicuous place so that I can change in peace and then come back later after hours with my backpack to pick up the used diapers.... Man, I look forward to the days I have an office with my own bathroom...

    So, while it is nice to be able to work without stopping, when you DO have to change it can become more of a hassle. Still, if you do the math... it takes roughly 2-3 minutes to change a diaper. If you have an active bladder that is making you go a lot, then you are getting up every half hour. Even if you only spend five to ten seconds in the stall, the time it took to get to the bathroom and back clearly makes the one - two diaper changes a time saver that can give you ten - fifteen more minutes of productivity.... So yes, definitely more efficient, but I am not sure 15 minutes in an 8-11 hour work day amounts to a lot

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    It's rare that I need to use a toilet while at work anyway, so there's not benefit to me.

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    I do hit the toilet early on if I'm able to. I figure for people who are genuinely incontinent it is a bit more problematic.

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    i wear pretty much 24/7 and have worn to work on a daily basis for a while but only in the last two daysx did i actually only use diapers at work. im a bagger at a grocery store and my longest days are 7 hrs. i can understand cashiers needing diapers, cuz i here some of my co workers ask for a bathroom break a lot , makes me think im glad im diapered, but also since im a bagger i can slip way without asking if i need to. since i just got some abena m3s and some maxi boosters i figured id test out how well they work and so i wore them to work the past two days and only use my diaper. derfinitely holds a lot. and i dont worry about leaks. but by the end of the day i definitley need a shower. mountain dew and a starbucks double shot eventually get to u and both today and yesterday i wet my diaper 3 times before i left work after 7 hrs of being there. i would never wear anything less then a depends with a booster in it if theres even a chance im gonna use my diaper while either at work or being out afterwards. my conclusion to the past two days is that its nice to use the diapers on the two busiest days of the month , like the past 2 days have been but, i dont think id want to do it on a daily basis by choice.

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    With my job there is very little chance to wear while in the office, jumping from meeting to meeting etc. one good thing is that on Fridays I am noticing less and less people working in the office. Many take the day off, but most seem to work from home, saving commuting time I guess. That is fine for me, allowing me some privacy at the office. I have now taken supplies with me a handful of times and have loved it each time. Usually after lunch on a Friday (such as today) I will take my sports bag down to the restrooms and change into one there. There is the stall lavatory setup, but also one unisex disabled room, which is completely closed. Perfect. Today I had the cleaning staff come past as I was sat there working away. I wet, but only moderately. Terrified of leaking..
    I plan to keep at it and continue to spice up work when at all possible.
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    There are times when it's impossible for me to catch a pee break and I'd basically sell my soul to have a diaper on. There are days where I have three or four officers on shift, who ALL want to run traffic at once, tack on 6 lines of phone that may or may not ring and 6 lines of 911 that may or may not ring -.- Peeing in dispatch is an artform when you work in a solo environment. Smh, I know for a fact it'd make me more efficient, I almost want to say it'd make the city a safer place too lol.

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    I don't know about efficiency, but I work a lot of evenings alone and don't really have a way to leave and go to the toilet. Been thinking recently that I should start wearing to work just incase.

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