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    What does Friendship means to you?

    For me, is having someone that you cares for you deeply, that you can tell your secrets and be accepted. Someone that emphatizes with you and is walsy there when you need him/her. Someone to hug when you're sad, someone to hold your hand when you're afraid or alone. To have someone that watches over you, someone that cares no matter what...

    A brother...or a sister...

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    About the only one who fits that discription for me is my older brother, he helped me so much after my accident, all the while I was in the hospital he did stuff for me, stuff I never asked for, he made my house wheelchair friendly, painted the whole place moved walls to make the doors bigger for the wheelchair.

    I couldn't come home from the hospital, without that stuff done, otherwise I would have spent another 6 months in the rehab hospital, so I would have been a year out of my house.

    Freinds come and go thruout your life, but a brother is forever, and I would do anything he asked of me, but he rarely asks for anything at all, my chance is comming his grand daughter is having a baby in Jan. so I will help her all that I can, because I know he won't take a cent from me, so I will help her.

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    "A brother...or a sister..."

    Exactly that.

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    People that aren't idiots, I usually like to have friends that are above average in their lack of idiocy.

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    Yeah I like having only close friends, friends that I can tell everything to and not be judged. My Friends Give me a lot of care and attension and that's what I like, strong friendships. So friendship to me means care and trust.

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