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Thread: My wife, need some advise

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    Default My wife, need some advise

    Hey Guys, I need some advise about my wife. We have had very minor discussions about diapers, footed PJs and pacis in the past. We really only talk about it when I am turned on and shes....playing(i know....tmi) during these times I have asked her on multiple occasions if she would wear for me and she always said yes ofcourse, and that she would even wet it for me! Anyways, when this all first started she thought it was right cute, she often talking like a little girl, sends texts like a little girl (Sowwy instead of Sorry and Wuv instead of Love) stuff like that. I bought her a paci and a sippy cup because when this all first started she loved the idea and she would use it often. One night we were both drinking and she fell asleep with her paci and only wearing a pair of panties. Me drinking too I get alittle more confidence and I thought ok, this is my i moved my hand down there, felt the panties and said, babies dont wear panties silly girl and she shook her head no agreeing with me. I said, do you want your "baby panties" she shook her head yes, then I made sure she was absolutly sure and said, do you want your diaper? again she shook her head yes so I jumped out of bed and went right to my hiding spot and got a bambino medium. To this day she has never mentioned that to me even though it was right in our own room, basically under the last drawer on my side of the dresser. Anyways, I jumped right back into bed and diapered her (dream come true...ill never forget it). I layed awake for hours in excitement while she slept, I couldnt believe it. She slept through the whole night, woke up a few times however she still never took it off. The morning came and Noooooow im nervous, how will she react while shes not drinking... so she woke up, took her paci out and said..."I need to piddle" I immediately said, well...your wearing a diaper and gave her a big smile.... but no go, she wouldnt bite at all. She said she didnt want to do it, she got up, untaped the diaper, went to pee and came back to bed, leaving the perfectly clean diaper on the floor this time. I was midly heart broken, I was SO close. Now this was almost a year and a half ago. Since then she very rarely uses her paci, she only mentions it if I bring it up, same with the sippy cup and she still knows what gets me excited but saying some key things but anytime I ever mention a diaper, she rejects it, said she didnt enjoy it, wearing it made her feel uncomfortable but she quickly said... I like my footed Pjs, my paci, my coloring book and playing Lego games on the nintendo, but doesnt like the diaper My question is, what do I do from her? Has anyone else ever been in a situation like this before? How do I proceed from here to get her to wear again? I dont think she knows I am specifically a DL...but its been made very clear that I like seeing women in diapers and she has even found some websites on my laptop only following it up with a smile and saying "baaaad Boy!" so it is no secrete, but I am SO jelous when I read stories on here where the girls just get right into it no questions asked. Help me guys!!! Oh, we are both 26 if anyone was wondering. lol

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    Maybe... if she doesn't want to, don't force her? I know it sounds harsh but forcing someone in doing something they don't want really isn't the way. You can say her she can wear it again without wetting if she wants, but also make sure you love her the same if she doesn't want to. Really, don't try to force anything

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    Well said, diapers are YOUR thing, and if you push it you risk losing the incredible support you already have. Play it cool, but don't blow it. From my experience there are a lot of men who would love to be in your situation - if she wants to, she will. If not, pushing her will turn her against diapers. IMHO. You sound like a really nice guy, and I expect you will get many similar answers - enjoy what you have, don't push it, and hopefully your patience will be rewarded.

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    Yes first of all don't try to force anything you have to respect her feelings with this. This is probably unlikely but maybe it's that she simply doesn't like to pee in a diaper. I've experimented with using diapers and as much as I know a lot of people enjoy it, it's not for me. I'd simply ask her if it's that she doesn't like wearing for this reason. Everybody has different limits for what they enjoy.

    Of course some people just don't want to be diapered and in that case all you can do is accept and hope she maybe changes her mind.

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    Like everone else said dont force her be thankfull that shes ok with your interest and leave it at that.

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    I agree with the consensus thus far. Don't push it. Next time you two are talking about the subject then you can ask her what is it about diapers that she doesn't like? It very well may be that diapers is where she draws the line according to what she is comfortable with. If I were you, I would probably focus more on her sippy cup, paci, coloring books and lego games and let the diaper topic simmer on the back burner for a while.

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    Wow, that's still good for you with her even accepting this side of you... I know I'm pretty young and may not know much about relationships, but what I would do in your situation, is talk with her about what you like about diapers and all the other stuff (paci and other such things) and ask her what she does like about it and what she doesn't. That way you will at least know how far she will ever be willing to go. Also, I know it has been stated before, but I wouldn't push her. Good luck and let us know if anything else pf interest happens.

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    WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA, this makes no sense. I found a flaw.

    My findings:

    "One night we were both drinking and she fell asleep"

    If she fell asleep then how does this make sense?

    "babies dont wear panties silly girl and she shook her head no agreeing with me. I said, do you want your "baby panties" she shook her head yes, then I made sure she was absolutly sure and said, do you want your diaper? again she shook her head yes"

    Dude she can't be responding after she fell asleep.. Unless she's sleep talking.. Which I highly doubt she was considering most of the stories by new people like this really don't make much sense.. I'm sorry, but please tell me what really happened.. Did she fall asleep or was she just getting comfortable and shutting her eyes getting READY to go to sleep?

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    The main thing is respect. Respect her desires just as she respects you. It looks to me like she accepts your AB/DL side even if she doesn't want to participate to the level you do. If this is the case, you are in an envyable position.

    As far as taking things to the next level, I would try to establish a pattern of talking about your desires with out any expectations. Make sure she understands your desires - open up to her with your only expectation being she will do the same. Women love to talk and when she sees how vulnerable you've made yourself, her stance may soften.

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    Well she's probably an age player not AB/DL. You can enjoy acting, dressing and even talking like a child without being into diapers. Now I would suggest not trying to force her into diapers but if you think you have to, offer something in return. Do not black mail her or anything like that, but if there is something that she enjoys but you can't stand, offer to do that in return for her wearing. It's a simple give and take.

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