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Thread: Got my first pack of molicares.

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    Default Got my first pack of molicares.

    I went out today to find out that one of my local medical supply sotres had the molicares in stock. So I went and purchased them. I had never tried these before but I'm really excited! So what has everyone else experienced with these diapers and review of the molicares.

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    They have a odd fit when you put them on but as far as a diaper goes I'd rate them at the same level as abena m4s

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    both the Molis and m-4 work equally well for me, and neither seem to fit wierd not sure what that means?

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    When I wore Molicares, I mostly noticed that they swelled up by a fair amount. For a premium diaper, the fit felt a little odd, as I usually wore Abenas. Today I also enjoy the Dry 24/7 as another favorite diaper.

    I also remember the padding clumping up a little bit. Over all they are a VERY good diaper!

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    Feel lucky you have a store that sells them. There great diapers but they tend to clump fast if you ask me .I?ve looked around where i live and all the med stores sell attends tranquility and tena but only the pull up s depends being the only tape on diaper style uuurrgghhh

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    Personally Molicares are my favorite. For me I've found that they tend to wick faster and farther than most other diapers. They don't seem to hold as much as Abenas do, but they do seem to wick a little better. I also prefer the fit of the Molicare diapers more than other brands. The only downside that I personally have with them is that they don't seem to lock in odor as well as other brands. Overall though, they are a great diaper.

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