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    So, I just thought we all as a community could share any embarrassing sitiuations that we have ever had dealing with diapers or "lack there of".
    Here's mine,
    When I was in 1st grade a long time ago I had a very small accident in school. I quietly snuck out of the class room to " check out the damage" and only found a small wet blotch on my underwear. For some reason I did not go to the bathroom (this being he end of the school day) and just went home with a full bladder. Well as I got home I was about to burst. I ran up stairs and right as I made into the bathroom I just let loose before I could get to the toilet well. I to explain it to explain what happend to the person that would later become my step dad two years later. I don't know if he still remembers it but it's just one of those things I still think about today.

    So that's my story,

    What ones do you guys have?

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    Really, we all have had at least one Experiance like this in our life time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dbannn View Post
    Really, we all have had at least one Experience like this in our life time.
    Well, there are. But I'm sure for some of us, they could be a bit traumatizing. And some may not be willing to open up. HOWEVER, i do believe there is already another thread for this, because i remember reading through it

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    i used to have a really weak bladder when i was a kid, and i remember one time when i was 7 and just out of diapers, i was in the kitchen and i knew i had to go, and that i wouldnt make it to the toilet, so i sat down on the kitchen floor (asif it would help?!) and had a small accident, i thought at the time if i stood up i would loose control so i scooted to the door on my bum WHILE IN A DRESS and left a wet trail behind me that my dad found... i was so embarrased
    Also just last year when i was 16, i sent off for a free sample drynite, i changed the name from my own so that i could pass it off as a mis send when it came, but my sister got hold of it, and was convinced that i had gotten them for myself and that i wanted to be a baby again... obviously true but really mortifying

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    when I was around 12 I went through a period of wetting the bed which lasted a couple of years (oddly enough no one in my family ever mentioned using diapers again tho kinda wish they did now). Anyway, during a camping trip with the scouts I had to share a tent with 4 other people (3 friends and my brother). I woke up on the first morning to a soaked sleeping bag and mat (the outside of was OK but everything inside including trousers which I wore were soaked). To make things worse while I was staying in the bag trying to hide it I had people climbing over me as they were getting up. Not sure if anyone really noticed it in the end but was one of the most horrifying, embarrassing moments which I can remember. Ever since then Ive always been wary of sleeping round friends houses despite no longer wetting the bed.

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    about 2 years back I spent the night over at a friends house we stayed up all night playing video games. In the morning we ate breakfast and then I left never using the bathroom. I got a few feet away from his house and I need to use it I said to myself I can make it home. I got home ran to the bathroom and never got my pants down before I stated to go. My pants were soaked same with the ground told my parents that I'm going to take a shower I have never done this before. (This was before I got in to diapers)

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    About 8 years ago when I was 11 I was on a camping trip for Cub Scouts. Me and two of my friends were sharing a tent and spent the whole night talking and drinking Caprisuns. I woke up for some reason and my friend next to me told me he saw snarling wolves outside the tent. Later that night I woke up and really had to go to the bathroom, but was too afraid to go outside. I ended up soaking my sleeping bag and dampening my friends' bags (my dick friend who told me that wolf BS deserved that crap). I tried playing it off like a Caprisun spilled since some of them did spill a few drops, but it was pretty obvious. I completely forgot about this until I saw Sutitchi's post above!

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    My embarrassing story occurred when I was in 2nd grade. I decided to wear a diaper to school, In my 7 year old brilliance I just put on the diaper ( a curity cotton prefold - i remember it so well) inside my shorts. No panties. No pins. It is sort of a funny thing - this was back in the early 60's and we were actually prohibited from wearing shorts to school except in June when it was very hot ( otherwise it was strictly skirts or dresses -wow has the world changed). Anyway, it was okay until recess, and then things started to go wrong. Of course, at that age, we were very active at recess - that day we were playing hopscotch. One after one my friends came up to me and very discretely and nicely told me that my underwear was showing ( wow, it is nice telling this story, I had forgotten what lovely friends i had). All I could do was sort of tuck the fabric of the diaper back up into my shorts. Of course a short time later, there it was, back again. Well, I had to bow out of hopscotch - if I remember I botched any easy hop, and was out, and just sort of slipped to the back of the line.
    After recess was over, and we were back in class, I was in a serious panic. How to get rid of this stupid diapaer! The teacher assigned us to do a bunch of arithmetic, and I saw my chance. I glanced around, everybody's head was down working. The teacher's head was down ( Mrs. Bruce, I SO loved her). I started pulling on the back of my diaper, wriggling my butt, inch by inch the offending diaper slipped out. Somehow, I extracted the diaper and shoved it into my school bag. I don't THINK anybody saw, if so nobody ever said anything to me. To this day I wonder how it could have been that nobody saw me, and I do wonder if anybody did and never said anything. Or, maybe I did get away with it - this was the early sixties, and if the teacher said "heads down, get to work" that is indeed what we did. I guess it isn't really all that embarrassing, I mean I never really got caught, but when I think about it in hindsight, I still blush. Imagine being so silly as to wear a diaper in my shorts without anything to keep it in place. Of course, it wasn't traumatic enough to stop me from wearing. as 40 something years later, I am sitting here in my cloth diapers. Oh, and as for the diaper, it was one I had found in a drawer when I was about 5 - my mother found it a few months later and threw it out without comment. After that, I ( and this is really embarrassing) started stealing diapers from families with a baby in the house..... but THAT? that is another story
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    I have had a few embarassing stories, I'll share a few:

    One time when I was living away from home, a buddy of mine and myself went to a pizza place that was next to my apartment. I was wearing a pretty wet diaper and really needed to pee when we got to the pizza place. After I relieved myself, I could feel the diaper leaking around the leg bands. I'll just say that is the day that I am glad black jeans were ever invented. I quickly went home and changed out of them haha.

    Another time, I was at the mall and a friend of mine and I were waiting for our other group of friends outside the arcade. I was fiddling with the keys and other odds and ends in my pocket and heard something hit the ground. Before I had time to look down, My friend said "Ummm, you dropped your pacifier." I was really embarassed but managed to make up a story of how my little cousin was at my apartment earlier and she forgot it. It was pretty embarassing!


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    Quote Originally Posted by methaneboy View Post
    Well, there are. But I'm sure for some of us, they could be a bit traumatizing. And some may not be willing to open up. HOWEVER, i do believe there is already another thread for this, because i remember reading through it
    Very True. It might have been the other thread that I posted this in, but since I've said it once I'll say it again.

    Unlike most on this site I was potty trained very early and was never a bedwetter. One time when I was 15 or 16 there was a huge fight with my mother about her boyfriend(very commonplace in my household). It left me so devastated that I retreated to the bathroom to cry. After 5 minutes I was still hysterical but found that I needed to pee. In the state I was in I simply could not unbutton my pants. I was able to fumble down the zipper somehow but I was shaking so much that I couldn't hold myself through the slit in my underwear to aim. Every time I tried I would lose my grip and it would slip back inside. Finally I gave up and stepped into the tub and sat down curled up and released. The act of giving up calmed me down and I just sat there feeling at peace for 10-15 minutes before I turned on the water with my clothes still on(actually I can't remember if I turned the water on first or not). Alot of my childhood and teenage years are fuzzy but this event stuck with me.
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    For me it happened in the first grade. My class went to the cafeteria for lunch at school and, I only had to use the bathroom after I sat down to eat. I was really shy back then and I raised my hand for the longest time and nobody came over to me. So what eventually happened my bladder couldn't hold anymore and my underwear, pants and socks were soaked. There was also a puddle in the seat where I was sitting. So after this I just got up and walked to the bathroom to inspect the damage, but eventually I came back to the cafeteria and nobody noticed that I was gone. Since I was shy I never ended up telling anybody but nobody found out what happened, except the guy that was sitting next to me but he didn't tell anybody though. That was the most embarrassing moment that I have ever had.

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