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    Hey everyone!

    I'm sutitchi and I from the UK (although I really want to move abroad to either the US or Japan). I am a huge gamer and am currently at uni studying Games Design and hope to get a job within the industry as a Creative Director (My Idol is Shigeru Miyamoto). I own a PS3,Wii and 3DS all of which are awesome . My current favorite games are Uncharted 3 (love the whole franchise), Shadows of the Damned, Skyrim, Mario galaxy 2 and Zelda: Skyward Sword (favorite game of all time) .
    Another love of mine is traveling. I love to travel to countries all over the world and even had the chance to travel round the world.
    I have quite a wide taste in music but mainly listen to Power Metal and Rock (favorite bands are Freedom Call, H.E.A.T and Edguy). Other interests I have include Skiing, Anime (love studio ghibli films) and the only thing which I love as much (if not more) than games is Disney. Ive been to disneyland/world a number of times and cant get enough it and the same goes for Disney films. By far my favorite character is Stitch, have all Lilo and stitch films and multiple Stitch Plushies

    I first became interested in becoming an AB about 2 years ago where I suddenly got an urge to buy some diapers. Because of living at with my parents actually being able to buy any was and still is rare. However I have been getting more and more into my AB side. Around the same time I also became interested in furrys which I was interested in long before even knowing there was a fandom. These have combined and I now consider myself to be a Babyfur .

    Anyway that's a bit of me, hope to meet some new friends here

    If anyone wants to add me on PS3 or 3DS just send a request
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