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Thread: Music in 2011

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    Default Music in 2011

    2011 had music in it! Some of it good, some of it less so. But people will agree and disagree on what was which. So ADISC! What was your...

    Favourite Song in 2011

    Favourite Album (or EP) in 2011

    Best show you saw in 2011

    What music you're most stoked for in 2012

    Share and discuss! Maybe comments on anything else, like a new genre you discovered or something, who knows?

    For me personally,
    Favourite Song in 2011
    - "C'est La Vie" by Protest the Hero

    Favourite Album (or EP) in 2011
    - "The Locust" by Machine Head, but new CD's by Trivium, Oh Sleeper and Amon Amarth were all great

    Best show you saw in 2011
    - Saw a ton of great shows this year, but best was The Chariot. Dudes have the craziest energy I've ever seen. SOAD, Rammstein and Sleep reunion shows were all incredible though.

    What music you're most stoked for in 2012
    - Black Sabbath reunion, tour and CD with Ozzy for sure. New Rush, Periphery and Lamb of God releases are also exciting.

    Overall had a solid year seeing a lot of shows, and there was a lot more solid metal released this year than last. Was kinda disappointed with the new Mastodon stuff - good stuff, just didn't appeal to me personally. For more popular stuff, I liked the new RHCP and Foo Fighters releasers a lot and I was blown away by Adele. Definitely not the music I'm in to, but it's great to see a pop singer who goes far because of talent and not some gimmick. Also cool to see Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross doing some more film scoring stuff.

    But what about you ADISC?

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    1. "Look Around" Red Hot Chili Peppers
    2. "Yours Truly" Sublime With Rome
    3. Minus The Bear in Salt Lake City
    4. Muse supposedly has one coming out in late 2012, and if that's the case, I'm sure that'll be my favorite upcoming album for 2012

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    Favourite song - Narcissistic Cannibal by Korn ft. Skrillex and Kill the Noise
    Favourite album - letlive. Fake History
    Favourite concert - Lostprophets (only one I went to)
    2012 - New albums from Slash and Linkin Park, going to see Alestorm in February which should be awesome.

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    Favourite Song: Rock of Cashel by Edguy (EDGUY - Rock of Cashel - YouTube)
    Favourite Album: Age of the Joker by Edguy
    Best show: Didn't go to any shows in 2011
    What music you're most stoked for in 2012: New albums from Freedom Call and H.E.A.T

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    Favorite Song: Versatile-Above This Above This- Versatile **NEW** - YouTube
    Favorite Album: Such a tough choice it was a great year in metal in 2011. I would probablly say Aegaeon- Dimmensions of Reality
    Best Show: Didnt go to any unfortunatly
    What music you're most stoked for in 2012: So much great stuff is coming out in 2012. Impending Doom, Demon Hunter, Shadow of the Colossus, Painted in Exile and Aegaeon.
    I might be writing a top 10 albums of the year for a blog I write on. If you like metal you should check it out. Tell me if you want the link.

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    I listen to a lot of classic rock so this was hard to fine stuff.

    Favorite Song: Love & Obsession by Aristo (you probably haven't heard of them but I suggest you check them out on Youtube or iTunes)
    Favorite Album: Wasting Light by Foo Fighters
    Best Show: Mayhem Fest
    Music I'm stoked for: New Rush of course, Black Sabbath reunion is pretty sweet, Roger Waters show in July is pretty amazing. Waters is doing all of "The Wall" which is an amazing album. I defiantly want to see Rush again. I'd love to see SOAD or Whitechapel or somebody I can mosh to.

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    Somehow I fell in love with the Classical music music of the Masters. It only gets better for me. No chamber however,

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    Wow, everyone here is a hipster

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    Quote Originally Posted by PullupKid View Post
    Wow, everyone here is a hipster

    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    Real hipster music!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PullupKid View Post
    Wow, everyone here is a hipster
    Not here. I like instrumental. Also like movie soundtracks.

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