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Thread: Hi!

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    Default Hi!

    It's great to see a site like this, I was sure that one didn't exist!

    I think I've seen more intelligent posts on your forums then I have on every other AB/DL site I've ever been to combined, and less stalking/creepiness then on one page of any other

    I'm 16, medically incontinent for like ... ever, and a (IRL at least) closet DL for about 6 years. I live in the DC area in the US, and I'm (obviously) a high school student, though with any luck I'll be college-bound next year!

    My family and friends all know I'm a diaper wearer, but I've only ever "come out" as a DL to my closest friend.

    I'm hoping to get to know you all better. You all sound like a fun and crazy bunch.

    My hobbies are trolling the internet and music. Sadly, I have absolutely no talent at actually playing any instruments, but I appreciate all kinds, especially indie.

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    Welcome to the site, I too enjoy all kinds of music but have only played the Coronet and Trombone. I'm looking at trying a bass guitar though.

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    I'd love to be able to play a bass guitar!

    I know everyone considers it the "lazy man's" guitar, but you can do some amazing things with it. Just look at Roger Waters or, my personal favorite, Fiona Kitschin.

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    Welcome to this place... I thought I had no talent singing... then one of my friends told my music minister I could sing... and my first time singing was a solo... for my church choir... so yea... Don't worry.


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    Singing is something I'd never want to try. In public, at least. It just seems too personal. That, and I have a squeeky little chipmunk voice

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChinaL View Post
    Singing is something I'd never want to try. In public, at least. It just seems too personal. That, and I have a squeeky little chipmunk voice
    Every time I hear myself sing... I think it sounds horrible... but everyone around me says it sounds great... I'm always perplexed by that...


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    Hey nice to meet you. My music skill is to poor to get into, though I wanted to offer a friendly hello.

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    Oy! Nowadays, with computers around, who needs real instruments! As KMFDM suggests, why do music with humans when, if it's done by machines, it doesn't make mistakes?

    Welcome to the forums, and enjoy yourself!

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    Welcome to the site. I am an avid guitarist and can definitely say that bass is not a lazy mans guitar, at least if you can play it well. I'm quite good at guitar and can play bass moderately well, but if you look at the great bassists, like Paul McCartney for instance, they have extreme musical talent on the instrument. So, just because you can play guitar does not mean you will be a good bassist. Just a short rant to support all the bassists out there. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this site.

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    Hey ChinaL
    Don't feel bad about the music thing. I tried a few musical instrments but found I even had trouble playng the radio.
    I guess if I had a wish for you , It would be that you wore diapers not for medical need but just cuz you like them.
    Somthing you have going for you is your friends and the people around you alread know you wear diapers.and they must be cool with it. One less hurtle to worry about.
    Anyway peace, donny.

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