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Thread: Settlers of Catan

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    Default Settlers of Catan

    Settlers of Catan! It's a Germanese board game! Except the board is different every time. Four player game with an available 5-6 player expansion set. Involves acquiring and resources and using those to build and expand one's little wooden community. Shorter gameplay than risk, longer than scrabble. Lame by explanation, but thrilling by practice.

    Various expansions include Seafarers, Cities and Knights, and Traders and Barbarians, all of which alter and expand on the gameplay to various extents. Also a strictly card-game version, and spin-offs including galactic, historical, Biblical and Mormon themes.

    Played this game at a friends' place over the years, but lots this past holiday break. I mark myself a fan. Most folks aren't super familiar with it though. Any of you loverly people aware of / enjoy it?

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    I really want to get it, eventually, it sounds like a lot of fun. I love games like risk and Warhammer.

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    I've generally enjoyed Settlers, often parody "we built this city" with whatever we happened to have at the time, also named one of the sheep Naomi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewbacca View Post
    I've generally enjoyed Settlers, often parody "we built this city" with whatever we happened to have at the time, also named one of the sheep Naomi.
    Charming renditions of "we built this city" are also often heard where I come from. Sheep, however, are called Bo-bo, on account of Little Bo Peep, no doubt.

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    I absolutely love board games- the resurgence started in college when I got Lord of the Rings risk. The problem is, my and my girlfriend don't really have friends outside of church, and as such don't have people to play board games with. There's a dearth of 2-player games.

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    Yep, big fan here. There's actually a copy of it in my house right now, and it usually gets busted out when we have a big group over here. Amongst the jokes here are the "Obama Cards" (since the first time I played the game was in 2008 and the logo on the cards in the printing I have look a lot like Obama's campaign logo), we built this city, and various tawdry jokes about sheep trading.

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    I've played this game many times and really enjoy it! I love that fact that the board is different each time. The only part I hate is when someone places the thief on your resource number.

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    Another HUGE fan of Settlers here. I also have the xbox live version and have clocked more games in there than I care to think of. It has to be the best basic boardgame of all time.

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    Wood for sheep?
    Yes, I've got some wood for your sheep.

    Strategy for Catan: sit next to the resource cards, make as many uncomfortable jokes as possible, and upgrade your settlements to cities while everyone is awkwardly laughing. Gets 'em every time.

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