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    Default Proud Lurker status

    Hi Everyone, depsite being a proud lurker on this site - I can't stand getting the blocked out message so this is me 'levelling up'... I love reading about nappies btw, esp Abri Form X-Plus

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    Welcome AbriM4,
    Here at the disc, we specialize not just in diaper support, but also in humanity support. Part of our humanity support is getting to know you. Unfortunately, from your intro, we don't really get much to go on, so it's impossible for us to tell whether you're currently human or velociraptor. So in order for us to calm down and not worry about an impending velociraptor invasion, we'd like to know more of your human characteristics, such as: What's you're favorite movie/tv show? Who is your idol? What are some of your hobbies?
    To assist us in proving that you're not a velociraptor, I suggest checking out the various forums, find a discussion you like and join in, of course observing the proper etiquette as displayed by other members, or according to these guidelines for making quality posts.
    However, if at any point in time you fear that someone maybe a velociraptor in disguise, I suggest letting someone on this list know, particularly the safety mods. However if you need a quick tip hop on the IRC and there are plenty of people (read non-velociraptors) willing to assist you 24/7.

    Once again welcome, and enjoy your stay.

    However, if you are a raptor: KreeeeK graaawwwl yucka yucka keke rrrrwwwwll

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