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Thread: Messing in a diaper?

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    Default Messing in a diaper?

    Ive never gotten the opportunity to mess in a diaper, although I am very curious about it...Would it be ok to mess in a goodnite? Would it be ok to mess in a pull-up with a goodnite over that pull-up? I ask because these are the only diapers I know....what about cleanup? Can yall help me out here?

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    I don't know about the diapers, but it sounds like it might work if they're not too small. (that's my issue). As for as clean up goes, do it right away, please. it's fun (at least to me) to poop, but if you don't clean up then you gonna have problems. I might suggest using an anti-diaper rash ointment (Destin or Bordeaux's Butt paste) or at least a Vaseline (preferably a medicated Vaseline) before you poop.

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    I am very curious to try it because I heard it feels very babyish, and considering that I am AB....but like maybe wearing a pull-up with two or three goodnites on top would guys think?

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    When it comes to a 'messy'... doubling, tripling and even quadrupling has no affect. What matters is the legs. Most pull-ups are weak around the legs because you have to pull them up, therefore the elastic gets stretched out by the knees and thighs. So stuff can squeeze through the elastic and make for a 'messy' bed sheet.

    The best option is Fitted Briefs. The kind you have to tape up. If you dont have any other options, then sure pull-ups and goodnites could work. Just be careful.

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    a pull up with one goodnight maybe 2. no sense in wasting your supply. and yes it is the absolute most babyish thing you can do in a diaper. I'm not much AB but I do Enjoy the carefree feeling I get when I just let go. I think the carefree feeling is because normally there is more control in the poop function than in the pee function. (we have all heard of the pee dance but not necessarily the poop dance, lol although I've done both.)

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    ok I may try this week when my mom and sis are at work, Im really kind of nervous though, idk why but idk lol

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    Dont even bother with doubling up one Goodnite will be enough.

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    Yeah for real. I mess my goodnites regularly and have never really had a problem. Just be ready for the cleanup! I too have not needed any ointment or anything.

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