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    I use towels as cloth diapers, but they always wad up and don't hold the wide crotch like a disposable. Any way to fix that?

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    The three top paper towels are Viva, Scott, and Bounty. This is a Consumer Report test result. If you carefully fold them flat you may get a pamper style diaper out of these with practice.
    Good Luck

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    Try using a few hand-size towels or linen dish towels. Hold them in place with undies - briefs (or panties) would work better. Take a kitchen-size garbage bag and cut leg holes in it, being sure they aren't too big; makes a good wetness barrier.

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    The type of fold that you use varrys on how it will fit. Iusual use what i call a square fold. Step one is to lay yopur towel out flat.Step two is to fold the sides in one third of the way across.Step three fold the front and back in about two or three inches. Step four when lying down pull the front in place and adjust the back to meet the front by adjusting the back by spreading the diaper to overlap the front about three inches on both sides (hand width) and pin diaper snugly. this will give you a wide crotch and a snug fit without wadding.

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    Adding to the list of suggestions (there can never be too many, right?):

    The thinner your diaper, the less able it will be to hold its shape in the crotch. If you've only got a layer or two of towel in the middle when folded, I'd recommend folding a second towel in thirds lengthwise (or fourths, fifths, sixths--whatever gives you the desired width) and lay this down the middle of your first towel to give you an extra-thick "core." After that, you can use any of a number of folds. I like the so-called "jellyroll fold" and the "angle wing fold" (Google will show you lots of diagrams and pictures). Lastly, try to pin so that the diaper is nice and snug through the crotch (on the sides). I find it's easiest do this by diapering myself somewhat loosely while seated, then kneeling or standing and adjusting the pins. With my weight off of the diaper, I can easily pull the front and back corners up until the crotch feels nice and snug, then I'll pull the corners together and pin them.

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