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Thread: Buying diapers in college

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    Default Buying diapers in college

    My diaper stash is running low and I was thinking about possibly restocking it. I have bought diapers before and had them delivered to my dorm building but in small quantities. When I go back after winter break I want to buy some more but in larger quantities, enough to last me the whole semester but I am worried that it will bring up some suspicion. Last semester this was no problem because I did not have a room mate. In this upcoming semester I might get one due to people moving out. Should I buy diapers in the larger quantities that I want or stick to the smaller ones.

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    Buy on a cost effective basis if you can and hide and store your diapers. How about a car trunk? or a black garbage bag in the back seat of a car? You can always lock diapers in a suitcase. Really it is not so bad to just tell your room mate you have a wetting problem once in a while.
    Then you can be happy and wear when you want.

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    My suggestion would be to get locking chests! Just don't have it out in plain sight, especially if you have a big lock on it, makes it kind of obvious you're hiding something :P

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    once you get that big box of diapers do you have a good place to hide them in your dorm room? I remember that when I lived in the dorms the rooms were small and there were few places to hide things, especially a large box. if you feel comfortable just having the box sitting in your closet then i say go for it because it will save you money buying in bulk, and you will probably end up wearing more with a larger stockpile. I know I wear more with a larger stash around.

    as for getting a new roommate, that would be pretty shitty. are they chances of that very high? around this time freshman year is when some people don't come back to school because it was too much for them so the the school has to house less people. I say go for it once you move back in and figure everything out.

    do you wear diapers around your friends in the dorms? if so I applaud you, much braver than I ever was while living in the dorms. but I was living on a floor with a bunch of other guys who were always wrestling and in such close quarters diapers had to wait.

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    Concealment is a bit of a lie. If you're going to lie, tell any prospective roommate you have a weak bladder and like to, have to, wear diapers from time to time when it's acting up. That lie will be effective at making things easier; the other lie will bring with it a certain amount of anxiety, and fear of discovery. Tell the helpful lie, not the harmful one.

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    There are many good hiding places in a dorm room that we don't usually realize: up above ceiling tiles (if you have a drop ceiling), in your suitcase (or even go buy another suitcase), and even stacked neatly in a dresser drawer, with other clothes on top. If you get a roommate, tell him that you need to wear diapers, and that's all you need to say. Be very courteous and try not to change diapers in your room with your roomie there. Find another place to change, like a little-used public restroom somewhere on campus (a one-at-a-time with a locking door is ideal).

    I ordered diapers by the case from a company who I knew shipped in plain boxes, picked them up at the campus mail center, and then spread out the diapers among the various hiding places in my dorm room listed above. It was most cost-effective and my roommate didn't mind at all.

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    Thanks for all the tips and I will go ahead and buy the large quantities

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    Quote Originally Posted by BachBrahms View Post
    ...and even stacked neatly in a dresser drawer, with other clothes on top.
    Yeah, that was what I did. I sort of figured that my roommate (another guy) wouldn't want to be caught dead going through my underwear drawer, so that's where I put my diapers--right under my boxer shorts. Basically, it was a "hiding in plain sight" strategy, as he'd see me going in there and grabbing clothes out every day.

    It was all well until it was time to pack up and head home for the summer, and I absent-mindedly allowed my girlfriend to begin packing up my drawers. I caught her just as she was about to start on *the* drawer, and managed to get her to help with something else instead.

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    About the mail order. You can have them send it to the post office, who will hold it, or a UPS service center (if using UPS), or a fedex service center (using fedex). That way you won't have any eyes on it. Another bonus, if things go wrong or you are somehow embarrassed at the UPS center, you can just never go back. You won't have that option if you get caught by the dorm mail service.

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