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Thread: How old in footed sleeper?

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    Default How old in footed sleeper?

    Hi all,
    How old was the oldest person you haver personally seen wearing a footed sleeper?
    What was the situation?

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    A good friend of mine used to walk around in a footed sleeper at every opportunity. She wasn't ab/dl though. Probably 22.

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    Footed sleepers are quite popular here, I even noticed that one of the adult characters was dressed in footed pyjamas in British TV soap Hollyoaks recently. My non-AB housemate (24) used to wear her footed pyjamas around the house, and of course I wore mine too. I have personally seen a number of people in their twenties wearing them; they are very popular with the student crowd. Don't think I have personally seen anyone older than their twenties wearing apart from in photographs.

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    i seen a girl from my highschool before in a footed sleeper dont think shes into diapers tho so 18

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    I once had a former coworker, he's around 22 now and he brought his footed sleeper as part of a bet at summer orientation (yes it was at least 85 F outside). I think he recently bought a new one as well.

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    The week before winter break we had a "winter spirit week" at school and one of the days was pj day, and a a couple juniors were wearing their footie pjs. And of course I did too

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    Thanks all. I was looking for references to folks twice or thrice those age ranges.


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    Im 51 and wear mine all of the time when im just lounging around. sometimes when go to the all night convienance store to get munchies. not many people around at 2or 3 in the morning. and the owner doesnt care as long as he makes a sale. am cold natured and have a hard time staying warm,

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    The oldest person I ever saw was one of my friends, with the Hot Topic Gir footie pajamas that she wanted for Christmas. Which I got for her.

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