Hi :-)

I feel like I have been a member for a long time, but have never really got round to joining until today. I finally ran out of excuses for putting off joining for another day!

I've been wetting myself since I was about 5 or 6 from what I can remember. I've always been a closet wetter, and not *yet* been caught by friends or family thankfully!! Came close a few times tho back when I was in my teens mind you.

I've been living with my girlfriend for about 3 months in our own place (we have been together nearly a year now), and taking advantage of having the place to myself when she is at work.

Unfortunately we got particularly drunk at a Christmas staff party a few weeks ago, and when we finally got home we ended up on the topic of fetishes... How or why will forever remain in the alchoholic haze i suspect .... and I told her how erotic I find girls wetting themselves...

As I was saying it I was thinking "stop. Stop now! Shush!!!" but the words just kept coming out of my mouth.

When my mouth finally decided to stop talking .. We sat in silence for a minute as she worked it through in her head.

She finally said, after what seemed like forever, that she would find it a turn on to do something so naughty!! So she now pees herself for me, knowing it drives me wild, and she enjoys it as well!! I couldn't have asked for a better outcome really?? I've yet to try introducing her to diapers or pull ups .. But one step at a time I think. I'm still trying to recover from the idea I've told her at all, never mind her actually a) agreeing to pee herself and b) actually enjoy it herself!!!

Well, that's probably enough words from me. That's my story. Hello!!