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Thread: Unprotected wettings while dressed

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    Default Unprotected wettings while dressed

    Does anyone else find wetting without diaper protection to be an enjoyable experience. I wet my pants on a very regular basis I find it to be the ultimate in being a AB, a AB at the age where one would of been trained and not needing diapers any longer but still having accidents, I will stay in my wet jeans and briefs and rewet them for hours at a time. I'll wet the bed several times a week without diapers and just have to do a bit more laundry, the bed is well protected so as not to ruin a mattress (have ruined a few in my time). A few times a month I'll also mess, on those occasions it is straight to the showers after. Stay wet.. Have fun

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    I know you can get diaper rash from staying in a wet diaper for too long, so I believe the same rule would apply for "wet" clothing.. You really may want to take precaution and watch out for rashes and what not, sounds like you're really taking a risk by staying in your wet clothes for hours at a time..

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    I am similar in that I enjoy the idea of 'accidents'. Often in a diaper I'll hold on for as long as possible and then wet as an accident/try and make it to toilet but miss:P I also love the feeling of when my nappy leaks and i have to get all cleaned up and wash my sheets, and will happily sleep wet

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyStar View Post
    You really may want to take precaution and watch out for rashes and what not, sounds like you're really taking a risk by staying in your wet clothes for hours at a time..
    50+ years of wetting on purpose and have had only one or two small rashes

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    I also like to wet my pants without a diaper. I like to wet until my underwear, pants and shirt are soaked. Like the OP, I am like a three-year-old who is trained, but often gets distracted and wets. Unlike a diaper, wet pants will dry after a while. I sometimes wear my wet pants until they dry and then wet them again, and sometimes I hang them up when I leave the house, then wet them again later. When I do wear a diaper I like to wet it several times until it and my pants and shirt are soaked. And I too have wet over many years without ever getting a rash.
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    Yeah I occasionally get a kick out of wetting my pants and wetting the bed as good as wetting a diaper to me (my love of diapers came from bedwetting when I was younger). Sometimes when I'm walking home, I'll get close to the house and suddenly really have to go. I can hold it of course, but I like to wait until I'm fumbling with the key in the door and then have an "accident" in my pants. Reminds me of being at the age when my parents would threaten to put me back in diapers and I would really believe them.

    Bedwetting is great too - I like to fantasize that I'm back in early high school and I still wet the bed. What could be more humiliating? Old enough that it's basically unheard-of to most people but young enough that it's an embarrassing secret my friends would tease me for, and not just a medical condition.

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    I've never wet my pants on purpose but I have gotten some pleasure when my diaper has leaked, whether I'm in bed or not. I might just have to try it sometime unprotected.

    One question I have for those who do enjoy this, is it a purely private thing for you or have you met others that like doing this and have done it together? I think its called desperation parties when people do it in a group.

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    I have thought about this before, but never done it. It seems like it would be a good way for me to get into a regression state. My concern about it is the clothes. Do they tend to smell afterwards? Would repeated wettings end up wrecking the clothes?

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    TY4 - I guess I wouldn't wet in dressy clothes; I don't find that wetting damages my blue jeans or my underwear. And they smell after wetting but not much after they dry out and not at all after washing.

    Jack - I have never wet with other people other than distance-peeing contests when I was a preteen; it's a private thing for me. I don't like desperation; I tend to dribble rather than flood.

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