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    hey i just saw that they have new small maximum depends. has anyone use them? How are they compared to the only ones. thanks

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    i like the depends maximum. they do a good job for me make sure you refasten quick though and get it tight

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    Do you mean S/M? I can't see anything about new sizes on the depend website, could you link to your sources?

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    Small Depends are hard to find unless they are the Small/Medium Max Protection with 6 tabs. They work during the day with a booster, or pamper 6 insert and plastic pants or I will leak.

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    A couple of months ago I noticed that the same Depends diapers I have been buying for years that once said "Maximum Protection" with a red label now say "Protection with tabs" with an orange label. Is this what you are talking about? If so, they are really no different from what they were before, except they went to a cheaper, stranger feeling plastic that i have noticed a lot of products even outside of diapers going to.

    Since Depends are an Adult Diaper most frequently bought in stores, my hunch is while changing to cheaper materials they also removed the "Maximum Protection" label to save a little humiliation for their non diaper loving clients. I could be completely wrong though.

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    They actually changed the packaging before they changed to the plastic backing material. I have a couple of bags with the new labels but old backing sitting in my closet. Saving those for "must use" situations like long trips as the new backing rips quite easily if you move just wrong when getting out of a 2003 Grand Prix and are just the wrong build like I am :/

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