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Thread: Don't you hate it when this happens? You lose your favorite stuffed animal...

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    Default Don't you hate it when this happens? You lose your favorite stuffed animal...

    I thought this would be interesting to ask people; Don't you hate it when you lose your favorite stuffed animal and you have to hunt for it? I admit I kind of panic when I lose my stuffed killer whale, Dee Dee in the darkness when I get back from the bathroom after going for a drink of water.

    I was wondering if anyone else sometimes kind of panics when they can't find their favorite plushie too.

    Just so everyone knows, I can't sleep without my whale. She tags along with me when I travel and I go overnight. So there is some emotional attachment there.


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    I do hate that! I have a medium-sized Rilakkuma plushie whose name is Bear-kun. I sleep with him ever since I got him at an anime convention with my fiance last year! He's small enough that he falls off the sides of the bed since I move so often. And when I wake up in the night to roll over I immediately grab for him! He'd probably stay on my bed better if I put him behind my pillow or in the corner of my bed I reserve for cat blankets, but then he wouldn't be warm!! XD

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    Certainly! I can't sleep without snowflame my tiger either. So I always get upset if I can't find him, plus I have a fear of the dark and he makes it slightly less so . I would walk around with him around my house everywhere if people weren't judging me here ;D

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    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and my stuffed giraffe pocket has fallen out of the bed.So I have to turn my light on and find him before I can go back to sleep.:P

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    Yeah, when pooh falls off the bed I have to pick him back up off the floor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobie View Post
    I would walk around with him around my house everywhere if people weren't judging me here ;D
    I wish I could too, i'd bring Tadd all over the house with me.

    Yeah, if Tadd goes missing, i don't go back to sleep until i find him, and if i can't find him near me, I get a little nervous and start looking around the floor near the bed. (Poor Tadd, dun feel good to fall off da bed *Kisses Tiger goodnight*)

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    If I wake up and find that one or more of my plushies has gone for a night time stroll I can't sleep until I've tracked them down. It's always been this way. I distinctly remember searching my old family home from top to bottom once to find a plushie that had seemingly disappeared - if I recall correctly I missed school that morning!

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    Default "Give me my Bunny!" he said. "You mustn't say that. He isn't a toy. He's REAL!"

    From children's literature, perhaps the best example of losing ones stuffed animal (in this case a rabbit) was penned by Margery Williams (Bianco) in "The Velveteen Rabbit". My favorite (and one of the most pivotal) passages of the story is when then child loses the Velveteen Rabbit in the garden and the nurse "Nana" has to find it for him before he can go to sleep.

    There are many nights, after we have finished watching a movie in bed, that I have to ask my wife to find one or both of my bunnies before I can fall asleep. Her bunnies always seem to stay in their place, all snugged up, amidst the array of pillows, whilst mine get accused of flopping around all over the place. I guess ADD/ADHD can happen to stuffed animals too, especially if they are real!

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    I have a bunk bed with sides at home, so it's impossible to knock anything out. That said, I have to have my rabbit to go to sleep, and if I wake up in the night I will search around for him if he's not next to me any longer, I do the same in the morning. At uni I have managed do drop him a few times, but I always pick him up again - wouldn't want him to get cold.

    I'm told until I was 4 or 5 I went everywhere with him. I put him down somewhere once while we were out, and my parents had to spent two hours searching where we'd been, and asking anyone if they'd seen it until he was found again. I didn't stop crying until we were finally reunited apparently.

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    Waking up in the morning not cuddling with my bear Star makes me panic and look all around my bed for him. Then I normally go back to sleep for a bit after I find him.

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