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Thread: Greetings from Portsmouth, UK

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    Default Greetings from Portsmouth, UK

    Hello everyone, I'm Azico81 *waves* =)

    I'm a 23 year old guy and despite my username I wasn't born in '81, I'm actually an '88 kid but that was taken when I set up my hotmail account.

    I'm a first year Uni student and one day hope to go into something like teaching or social work. I want to use my life to try to make the world a little better.

    I'm just a plain bog-standard (no pun intended) diaper lover and my fav brand has to be Drynites. I'm kind of an "on and off" wearer, sometimes I kinda feel aggitated/anxious for no clear reason and wearing gives me a real sense of peace and innocence (not that I'm particularly guilty of anything!) =)

    In my spare time I love watching sports; Football, Rugby and just starting t get into Ice Hockey. Really looking forward to the 2012 Olympics too =)
    I also love just chilling with mates; watching movies, going out for meals, coversations over a coffee or a pint, or getting thrashed on the 360 =/

    Joined here really to just be part of a community, share experiences, to support and be supported.

    Look forward to speaking to others, let me know if there's anything else you wanna know (within reason =) )

    Azico *takes a bow* =P

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    Hi Azico!

    Welcome to ADISC!
    The whole world is looking forward to the LONDON 2012 Olympics!
    I hope to go myself, if I can!

    You'll find lots of ADISC'ers are from the UK!
    I hope you have fun getting to know the site.

    Just curious, what's your favourite nappies?
    (US ENGLISH: ...what's your favorite diapers) LOL

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    Hey, thanks for your welcome =)

    My fav nappies/diapers would have to be Drynites/Goodnites. I've only tried them and Underjams, and they come out on top. Really looking forward to the new 2011 designs but they don't seem to be readily available here in the UK yet =(

    How about you?

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