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Thread: I miss my blue bunny!

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    Default I miss my blue bunny!

    About three years ago my dad passed away when i was 16, and during the summer I always go back east to see my family. well when i did so my mom decided to clean out the stuff at my dads. She got rid of a rubberwear container full of stuffed animals...... Well anyways, my most favorite one went with it.... My blue bunny. So i found one that looks similar to it, it had a bow around its neck like this one and if anyone can find one similar to it, please post a link to it. It used to help me fall asleep.

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    Have you tried looking on Amazon, they are a great place to buy plushies. My condolences for your loss, i know what it feels like to lose a favorite plushy you had for a long time.

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    Aww!! :'( I know the feeling. I lost my baby doll a couple years ago....I had lent her to my daughter to use in a Christmas play and somehow she disappeared. I really hope you find another like it!!

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    Thank you! the first link you posted is almost identical! Only difference is the wasnt any polka dots in the ears

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    I'm sorry for the loss of your dad, and of course, your bunny. I hope this one can take its place. I know if my big teddy bear disappeared, I'd be upset. Like you, he helps me fall asleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlejustin View Post
    Thank you! the first link you posted is almost identical! Only difference is the wasnt any polka dots in the ears
    I had the funniest feeling about that one, like it would be the closest match. Weird, huh? I guess it's because that bunny looks like an older style plushie.

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    Haha, i guess. Or maybe your a genious with super powers! I think i might order it! =)

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