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Thread: Molicare Super Plus Vs Bambino's

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    Default Molicare Super Plus Vs Bambino's

    Previously I have been wearing Molicare Super Plus because I love the feel and the absorbency. However, I was thinking of switching to Bambino because of the babyish look to the diaper. What do you guys think is better? Molicare Super Plus or Bambino?

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    Well Bambino's are thicker, and I haven't been able to wear one for more than two years (I have some now but not enough privacy), but the Molicare's shape and fit is hard to beat. Both are great diapers nonetheless and you won't be disappointed if you order bambino's.

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    I've worn both and I loved both.

    Be a curious baby if you're interested =D

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    They're both good, premium quality diapers. To get more than that, you really have to try them for yourself. I prefer Bambinos to Molicare but it's not uncommon to see people going the other way. It's fun to try different kinds, so if there's nothing really stopping you from doing so, give them a try.

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    While I do enjoy bambinos for practicality and their babyish look, I personally favor Molicares. I love the feel of their plastic,the unique scent,and of course their absorbancy(I would be curious to compare these two brand's absorbancies).

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