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Thread: Put to bed with baby bottle?

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    Red face Put to bed with baby bottle?

    I was wondering about the idea of going to bed at night with a bottle.

    I haven't bought one yet but am entertaining the idea.

    Q: What do you use in the bottle.

    Q: Does a bottle leak at night in the bed if you fall asleep with it and drop it?

    Q: Is there a larger normal looking bottle nipple out there? (the ones I have seen online look scary and don't resemble anything I've used as a toddler)

    Q: Any other nighttime rituals using a bottle/being put to bed with one?

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    1. Milk 2.not really maybe a few drips. 3. I just use large toddler ones cuz I agree very scary looking lol. 4. And having my paci for after I drink my bedtime bottle

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    I take a bottle to bed fairly regularly with just water in it (along with all my other ABDL night time apparel). I tend to put it on the bedside table though, never fallen asleep with it.

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    I use mine regularly as well. I put milk in mine or juice (whatever I happen to be in the mood for) Never fallen asleep with mine but I do know depending on the nipple they will leak. If u want a good recommendation : Try the Playtex bottles. They have a no drip nipple available. Avant is also good.

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    Probably be ok once in a while, but if you made a habit out of it I'd worry about your teeth.

    During night time, saliva production decreases and the pH level in the mouth change making you much more susceptible to tooth decay (this is why they say its important to brush before going to bed). I'd be especially paranoid about stuff like apple juice which has a pH around 3.4 (anything more acidic than 5.5 is generally considered tooth rotting). Milk is probably less concerning (somewhere around 6.8).

    Just $.02 from a guy with bad teeth ;p

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    I slightly enlarge the hole by clipping it with very small scissors. It generally doesn't leak, though I tend to finish it off before falling asleep.

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    1. I like cranberry juice and it has a nice benefit of not being terrible for my teeth.

    2. Not unless you don't screw the top on all the way. I had an issue with it a couple times but now I make sure it doesn't move freely after I fill it.

    3. I use a toddler sized bottle, it seems fine.

    4. Plushie, Paci, sometimes diapers & blankie. The hardest part is finding time where I am secure enough with my surroundings knowing that nobody is going to walk in on me while I'm trying to regress.

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    For #'s 1, 2 and 3. I have fairly similar answers to those above. So, I will skip those.

    For #4 , my girlfriend sometimes gives me a bottle of milk, reads me a story and then I go to bed. Sometimes I sleep with a teddy and my paci, sometimes I don't.


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    I wouldn't recommend falling asleep with anything in hand that can stain... maybe use water the first time and see how it goes, and if it appears that everything went fine then upgrade to milk or something. Generally baby bottles are not intended to be able to spill (they are meant for babies, remember?) <3 so it should be relatively safe =]

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